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  • 7 Products Under $40 Celebs Can’t Live Without!

    Need a little gifting inspiration that won’t break the bank? We’ve got more beauty for your buck and a ‘nice’ list of go-to’s that celebrities have tried, tested and loved.

  • Skinstitut Age Defence SPF50+

    The one gift everyone needs this Christmas.

  • Food For Glowing Skin | Glowing Inside & Out

      Three thirty-itis is a thing.   It happens when you’ve hit the wall mentally and energetically but still have a huge pile on your desk. It’s also when a 3rd latte and Snicker’s bar will do your skin no favours.   Curbing hunger...

  • Skin Preparation and Priming

      After you’ve invested in top notch skincare…   …followed clean-living regimes to the T and applied every conceivable serum under the sun, your skin should be absolutely glowing. At this point you definitely don’t want to let your...

  • Skin Exfoliation

      Wear SPF, remove your makeup before bed, exfoliate your skin…   …all pearls of skincare advice, but when it comes down to achieving a more glowing complexion, exfoliation really is key. Exfoliation works by removing dead skin...

  • Professional Treatments For Glowing Skin

      As you may know, we here are Activeskin are true beauty professionals and offer some amazing in-salon treatments to help you get your glow on.   Come take a sneak-peek into the treatments going on every day in our luxurious beauty...

  • Contouring & Highlighting

      It trended big time for a while there but this makeup technique never grows old. We’ve all seen Kim K do it and boy did that process look scary. I mean, who has the time and patience let alone skill required? It seemed like...

  • 5 Ways to Get Glowing

      You’re drinking litres gallons more filtered water, you’re eating more green clean super foods plus you’re sweating it out 3 times a week… check, check, check!   But…. that hot date/dinner with your girlfriends/exclusive party is THIS...

  • Look as Good as You Feel | Wellbeing for Glowing Skin

      Sleep Sleep deprivation IS a form of torture and a bad night can be written across your face in bags, darkness, dullness and lines. Your skin cells work overtime while you rest at night, repairing and renewing the skin by rebuilding...

  • Bite into Beauty | Indulge for Glowing Skin

      Cut the Sugar A low GI diet is key to glowing skin and it’s not just a case of cutting that teaspoon of sugar from your latte. We know ‘hidden’ quick-burning refined sugars in white bread, delicious pastas and soft drinks cause your insulin...