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  • Lashing Out

    Sure, our eyelashes protect the ‘windows to the soul’ but these rows of tiny hairs are just begging for the right mascara to accentuate the eyes. Ask any woman about her eyelashes and she’ll bounce back in a second what … Continued

  • A Natural Beauty

    Forget the fads and hype surrounding some fluffy ‘natural’ ranges out there, and take a peek at the latest addition to the Activeskin product family… Trilogy. Founded with the mantra of ‘simplicity, purity and vitality’, Trilogy’s pure botanical...

  • Skincare Express

    I always thought I led a ’busy’ life… Working full time, spending down time catching up with family and friends, dabbling in the odd hobby, commitments here and there. Now I giggle at my former self for thinking being too...

  • Sunburn and Its Effects on The Skin

    This article was written by Emma Hobson, Education Manager at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. We’ve all done it, stayed out in the sun just a bit too long, didn’t bother to reapply sun screen and as a result … Continued

  • Get More Glow #1

    Join us here at Activeskin as we celebrate glovember, highlighting a bevy of amazing and skin-changing beauty essentials. PLUS your chance to win a share in $20,000 of giveaways each day during November with our $670 glovember packs!*   Just...

  • Why Do the Double?

    At the end of the day, your skin has been through so much. Looking with a magnified mirror you can see the build-up of makeup, oil, SPF, sweat and environmental pollution on the shiny surface. Your skin becomes like a … Continued

  • 20/20 Visionnaire

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have one precious bottle of miracle potion that could effectively combat all of our skin concerns? A fairy-tale combination of active ingredients designed to whisk away ALL our skincare hang-ups? Goodbye dehydration, see you...

  • 3 Steps to Great Skin!

    Did you hear the news… the cult favourite skincare, makeup, body and fragrance brand Clinique has landed, and the full range is available at Activeskin! (Yes… we are an Authorised Stockist that can ensure your goodies are delivered to your …...

  • Combat Winter Skin

    Love or hate winter it’s here in full swing so we had better get our skin ready for it. Just as we’ll change our diets to hot soup and lashings of hot chocolate, we must also look at changing our … Continued

  • New Age Skincare

    If you haven’t heard of Mesoestetic skincare then i’m here to let you in on this well-kept secret… it’s an advanced skin-changing range that is no spring chicken! Founded in 1984, Mesoestetic skincare became a breath of fresh air for …...