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  • Next Gen Masks

    Next Gen Masks Remember the old avocado, mud or the bizarre peel-off mask? These days a facial mask contains a whole lot of science, incorporating hi-tech ingredients that really pack a punch. We are taking a peek into the tubes … Continued

  • Heavenly Scent

    Perfumes and Fragrances are Alluring… Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays or a little bottle of something just for you… Perfumes and fragrances are alluring, and what’s not to love about a pretty line up of delicate glass vessels in the...

  • Clearly Better Than Ever

    Achieve Clear Skin…   Hormonal congestion, scarring, breakouts, pigmentation and open pores… How did I get so lucky? That’s right, at some stage I’ve battled with all of these facial hang-ups and as a Skin Therapist, I know I’m not...

  • So Hot Right Now

    GHD Eclipse…beauty must-have   On the spot, what beauty must-have couldn’t you live without? For me it’s a no-brainer – my hair straightener for sure! I’d forgo the mascara that miraculously awakens my eyes, the cheek stain that...

  • Skin Plumping Peptides

    Combat Ageing   To combat ageing we need to become a little scientific and equip our beauty bags with targeted ingredients to plump, protect and restore… think of it as good nutrition for your skin. You may have read about … Continued

  • Lashing Out

    Which skinny black tube will make the perfect mascara for your peepers?   Sure, our eyelashes protect the ‘windows to the soul’ but these rows of tiny hairs are just begging for the right mascara to accentuate the eyes. Ask … Continued

  • A Natural Beauty

    Trilogy Natural Skincare   Forget the fads and hype surrounding some fluffy ‘natural’ ranges out there, and take a peek at the latest addition to the Activeskin product family… Trilogy. Founded with the mantra of ‘simplicity, purity and...

  • Skincare Express

    Quick Skincare Routine Run-Down   I always thought I led a ’busy’ life… Working full time, spending down time catching up with family and friends, dabbling in the odd hobby, commitments here and there. Now I giggle at my...

  • Sunburn and Its Effects on The Skin

    This article was written by Emma Hobson, Education Manager at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. We’ve all done it, stayed out in the sun just a bit too long, didn’t bother to reapply sun screen and as a result … Continued

  • Get More Glow #1

    Join us here at Activeskin as we celebrate glovember, highlighting a bevy of amazing and skin-changing beauty essentials. PLUS your chance to win a share in $20,000 of giveaways each day during November with our $670 glovember packs!*   Just...