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Glow At Any Age With Glow Ageless

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 4 Aug, 2023

How to add Glow Ageless to your Routine & The Benefits

Glow Ageless is an inner beauty powder designed to give you radiant skin & an overall improved gut health, designed for those aged 50 plus. As we age, our bodies require more skin, bone, thyroid and antioxidant support, which is exactly what GLOW AGELESS will do. If this sounds like something you are in need of, then keep reading!

Why You'll Love It

Firstly, GLOW AGELESS promotes skin health and stimulated collagen production as we age:

- ProVitamin A helps boost cellular turnover for a lit-from-within-glow.

- Vitamin C helps supercharge collagen production and protects from ageing free radicals.

- Certified Organic probiotic wholefoods, including nutrient-dense shiitake mushroom and maca all help to protect the skin.

Secondly, it encourages normal production of thyroid hormones and supports bone health. The mineral iodine is necessary for the body to produce thyroid hormones. Fun Fact: GLOW AGELESS contains 25% of your daily RDI of magnesium, which is essential for normal bone structure.

Yep, there's more... GLOW AGELESS actually reduces tiredness and bolster immune system function. The Zinc in the formula works to improve immunity and naturally-occurring B vitamins, including biotin, support energy production, skin structure and reduce tiredness.

Last but not least, GLOW AGELESS boosts your digestive wellbeing, due to being supercharge with The Beauty Chef's exclusive probiotic strain GUTSY to support digestive health, along with an abundance of prebiotics and postbiotics.

A healthy microbiome is the secret to radiant skin!

How To Use Your GLOW AGELESS Powder

Mix 1 tsp (5g) in 200ml of water, mis well and consumer immediately.

If you want to mix things up you can add your teaspoon of GLOW AGLESS to a smoothie, yoghurt or your favourite drink!

Enjoy and watch your skin start to glow!