Get a fresh, dewy look with our line up of luminizers. Made with mineral dust that refracts light, luminizers highlight the areas of your face where light naturally falls and can help blend and even skin tone. Available as a powder, liquid or cream, our luminizers give your skin an obvious but not overwhelming shine.. To get just the right amount of sheen, select a luminizing product that suits your skin tone and skin type. Our collection features luminizers that offer everything from soft, subtle illumination, to an all-out shine that comes in just short of dipping your cheeks in glitter.

You can also choose from a range of colours. Some illuminating products are clear, only acting to increase your natural glow, while others are tinted to add sheen, plus some colour to your face. Neither option is right nor wrong. In fact, the choice you want will depend primarily on the occasion, with more subtle solutions being used for casual events, and more dramatic products for more formal, evening occasions. Just like you have different dresses for different occasions, you should have a variety of makeup.

For the perfect application, remember that a little luminizer can go a long way. You don't need to overload on illumination and blind your scores of admirers to get your ideal shimmer. To apply luminizer to your cheeks, run it along your cheekbones using a clean sponge or a brush, depending on whether you have a liquid or powder. For eyes, use a dab in the inside corners and your brow bone to add some light to your look and dimension to your face. You can even apply a little luminizer in the middle of your upper lip (your cupid’s bow) to draw attention to your magnificent mouth.

This simple product can work a whole lot of magic, so invest in the best. They’re all right here, so you don’t have to look far!

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