Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

What's not to love about our lip gloss? Each one has been specially selected to give your lips fullness, shine and a healthy hit of moisture. Available in a range of beautiful pigments and stunning textures, you’ll have no trouble finding one to show your lips some serious love.

Our beauty experts have handpicked these glosses because they look and feel fantastic. There’s nothing like them. Our glosses are an excellent alternative to lipsticks, offering up a more playful, often more subtle and definitely shinier look. They are also easier to apply since slight makeup mishaps don’t require soap and water to remove.

Not only does lip gloss give you a gorgeous, dewy look, but it is also a great option for people with chronically chapped lips. Offering tonnes of moisture with a lightweight feel, lip gloss is a great choice any time of the year, but especially in the colder, drier months when your lips need some extra hydration. Lip gloss has come a long way, and the new technology reflected in our line-up means they can last just as long as your lipstick, so you don’t have to compromise fashion for function. You can have it all!

Some other perks of our lip gloss? Your lips will look fuller and plumper thanks to the shine, and the range of pigments means it can go with a variety of looks and any skin tone. This isn't the sticky gloss you may be used to: it's less tacky than ever and more stylish. Our lip glosses even come in a stunning range of textures, including metallics, sheers and super-glossy. There's no limit to your finishes. Buy one, or buy one for every occasion - they’re that versatile.

From peaches to pinks, purples to reds, we have hues for every version of you. Peruse our selection and pucker up!

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