Skincare Sunscreen

Skincare Sunscreen

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Sunscreen should be a non-negotiable step in every skincare routine, as this skincare super-hero provides vital protection from harmful UV (ultraviolet) radiation. As an indispensable product, face sunscreens help to prevent skin cancer, premature ageing, skin discolourations such as age spots and hyperpigmentation. Many sunscreens today are comfortable to wear, even under makeup, with a choice of physical, chemical or a combination of UV filters that shield the skin from sun damage. Some of the best selling sunscreen in Australia for the face include the Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery, Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ and the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ which beautifully harmonise skincare and sun protection.

Shop Zinc Sunscreen

Looking for a physical sunscreen to protect your skin? Try a sunscreen with Zinc as this ingredient is a natural mineral that reflects the UV away from the skin, preventing sun damage. Zinc sunscreen is particularly helpful for sensitive and delicate skins, including infants, as there is little to no chemical component in formulation. Some of the best sunscreens Australia has to offer include the Endota Spa Natural Clear Zinc SPF 50+ and the O Cosmedics Mineral Pro Untinted SPF 30+ which are home-grown Aussie brands that understand the Australian climate and lifestyle to deliver superior sun protection. Furthermore, the best moisturiser with SPF Australia will deliver hydration and sun protection all in one. Try the convenience of a tinted sunscreen like the popular Mukti Organics Tinted Moisturiser With Sunscreen where your skin enjoys the protection of Zinc with hydration and a sheer tint to balance skin tone for a radiant complexion.

Best Sunscreens Australia

Sunscreen skincare makes protecting your skin easier as often the formulation combines SPF with active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C or even Niacinamide & Vitamin B to nourish and hydrate. Moisturiser with sunscreen is a great choice if you plan on indoor activities whist a high SPF 50+ sunscreen is recommended to adequately protect your skin when outdoors. Like all face sunscreens, the key to protection is to reapply after the recommended time frame (usually every 2 hours), and after exercise or swimming. The best sunscreen Australia enjoys is often easy to apply with high SPF protection in addition to a formula that sinks into the skin well without a white cast or greasy residue. Try the Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50+ and the Aspect Sun Hydrating Face SPF 50+ for high sun protection your skin will love.

Buy Body Sunscreen Online

When you’re seeking to buy body sunscreen online in Australia, the best place to start is right here at Activeskin, where you will find the best choice at the best price everyday. Shop and enjoy free delivery on all orders over $50 with same day dispatch for in stock items. Body sunscreens often provide a choice of cream, lotion and even spray formulation to effectively cover and protect your skin from head to toe. For active lifestyles, there are also excellent water resistant body sunscreens such as the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Wet Skin SPF 50+, whilst the entire family can enjoy the gentle protective care from the Avene Sunscreen Spray for Children SPF 50+.

When to Apply Sunscreen in a Skincare Routine

The best way to protect your skin from harmful UV damage is to apply sunscreen every day and reapply the sunscreen throughout the day. If you are wondering, when to apply sunscreen in skincare routine, the general rule is to keep your sunscreen as the last step to adequately shield your skin. After using your face cleanser in the morning, proceed with your toner, serum and moisturiser before applying your preferred skincare sunscreen. From here, Makeup can be applied over the top if desired.

Does Sunscreen Expire?

Like most skincare products, sunscreen will expire and lose effectiveness past the recommended use by date. Although the product may still offer sun protection, the full SPF cover cannot be guaranteed making it risky to use expired sunscreen products. Stick to the shelf-life on body sunscreens, face sunscreens and sunscreen with zinc as these formulations are all designed to be used before the expiry to best protect your skin from sunburn, premature ageing, skin cancer and unwanted pigmentation.

How Much Sunscreen to Apply to Face?

The key to adequately protecting your skin from harmful UV is to apply the recommended amount of SPF product, and reapply every 2 hours. As a guide, the Cancer Council suggests applying 5ml of sunscreen to the face, including the neck and ears, per application. This is approximately one teaspoon of sunscreen and it is advised to also wear protective clothing, a hat, sunglasses and seek shade whenever possible. Some of the best sunscreens for the face will absorb well into the skin to feel most comfortable, whilst offering superior sun protection. Try the Eco Tan Face Sunscreen SPF 30 or the Image MD Restoring Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 50 as lightweight protective sunscreens that wear well under makeup, to keep your skin protected and healthy.

Do You Tan with Sunscreen On?

The purpose of sunscreen is to protect the skin from harmful UV sun damage by offering a choice of SPF (sun protection factor) that shields the skin. Generally, the higher the SPF then the higher the skin protection will be. Just be sure to reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours or as recommended. Lower SPF products can allow the skin to tan whilst the product is applied to the skin. These are often SPF7 and are frequently labeled as tanning creams, oils, sprays or lotions. It’s important to note that the lower SPF products offer lower sun protection, which is why a high protection like SPF 50+ is advised when being sun-savvy for optimal skin health.

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