Skincare to Reduce Redness

Skincare to Reduce Redness

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Skin redness is a common concern that can stem from an array of triggers, including trauma, irritation, allergy, stress, inflammation, or underlying health conditions. Often a sign of an impaired skin barrier, relief is within reach with our extensive selection of targeted anti-redness skincare to help soothe, calm and unify the complexion. Skincare for redness includes calming cleansers, soothing face mists, calming serums & treatments and protective moisturisers which when used in combination, can help reduce skin redness. Look for skin calming ingredients including aloe vera, allantoin, panthenol and even vitamin C which helps strengthen capillaries and prevent skin flushing. Shop anti redness skincare here at Activeskin and enjoy free delivery on all orders over $50.

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Targeted skincare to reduce redness spans an array of product formulations however, one of the most popular products is an anti redness serum. These treatment products layer well under moisturiser and often boast a high concentration of soothing active ingredients to deliver intensive care and help alleviate redness. With inflammation fighting complexes and rapid delivery into the skin, an anti redness serum is a great choice to balance skin tone. The Medik8 Calm Wise Serum and the SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel offer botanical soothing ingredients combined with protective benefits to help keep skin feeling calm and soothed for longer. Or try the Priori LCA fx140 Barrier Restore Complexe that works wonders to repair and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function which in turn reduces the instances of redness on the skin.

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Choosing an anti redness cream helps to both condition and calm the skin to reduce redness and maintain adequate moisture levels. When the skin becomes dry or dehydrated, the skin’s natural protective barrier function can become impaired resulting in inflammation, irritation and redness. Keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturised with nourishing lipids is key to minimising redness. The Thalgo Cold Marine Nutri-Soothing Cream is elevated with soothing peptides to combat redness whilst the Dermalogica Stabilizing Repair Cream provides immediate relief with long lasting barrier strengthening benefits. Apply an anti redness cream both day and night to reveal a more calm and soothed complexion.

What Skincare Helps with Redness?

To best reduce redness in the skin, select skincare products that are specifically formulated to treat redness across cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and mask. If your skin is reactive, it is advisable to avoid excess heat, abrasive scrubs, high potency exfoliating acids and alcohol based formulations to prevent unwanted flare ups. The Dermalogica UltraCalming product range boasts soothing complexes, lavender, cucumber, coneflower and more to offer immediate and lasting relief whilst strengthening the skin’s natural resilience. Furthermore, the EmerginC D-Red Daytime Emulsion harnesses the calming benefits of botanical oat kernel, comfrey and vitamin E to help reduce inflammation for a more balanced skin appearance. 

What Skincare Ingredients Help with Redness?

Ingredient lists can be daunting however, keep an eye out for products containing niacinamide, panthenol, vitamin E, ceramides and hyaluronic acid as these help build the skin’s resilience and strengthen the natural barrier to prevent redness and inflammation. Botanical extracts also play a key role in soothing the skin to diminish redness and these include aloe vera, allantoin, lavender, chamomile and green tea to name a few. For instant relief, try spritzing the skin (even over makeup) with the Avene Thermal Spring Water Mist for Sensitive Skin.

Does Dry Skin Cause Redness?

While dry skin can indeed contribute to redness, addressing the root cause often involves combining hydrating products with those specially formulated to target redness and reduce inflammation. When the skin becomes dry or dehydrated the naturally protective skin barrier function can become compromised which in turn can trigger redness, irritation, sensitivity and discomfort. By adopting a hydrating and nourishing skincare regimen favouring anti-redness products, the skin responds with a more calm and even complexion. Help keep the skin of the body moisturised and well protected with the Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baume Barrier-Replenishing Face & Body Eczema Moisturiser or try the Ultraceuticals Ultra calming Moisturiser Cream which helps alleviate hypersensitive and reactive skin conditions. With hydration in one hand and soothing anti-redness products in the other, your skin is bound to love you back with a more calm and unifed appearance.

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