Makeup Sharpeners

Makeup Sharpeners

Keep your look sharp by keeping your pencils ready for action. Our collection of sharpeners was made by the best beauty brands in the industry and hand picked by our beauty pros for their unsurpassed performance. Available in different sizes, these sharpeners work with cosmetic pencils of all shapes and sizes.

Your run-of-the-mill pencil sharpener is not made for makeup. In fact, they can ruin your most beloved liners. Stationery pencils are made from lead, whereas cosmetic pencils are usually made from wax. Your lead pencil sharpener is not going to give your wax pencil the same even, precise finish that a tool that's built for the job will. 

There's also the matter of shape. Stationery pencils have a longer neck and sharper tip than cosmetic pencils, and their sharpeners are built to work with those dimensions. When used on a cosmetic pencil, a stationary sharpener will lead to an abundance of broken tips and wasted money.

Finally, there's the rather serious matter of cross-contamination. If you're using a stationary pencil sharpener that's actually been used to sharpen lead pencils, you're risking getting lead on your cosmetic pencil and putting it dangerously close to your eyes or mouth. The ingredients in cosmetics are made to go on your face, near (and even in) these sensitive areas without causing damage. The lead in your drafting pencil, on the other hand, is not. 

So invest in a quality cosmetic pencil sharpener and use it every time you apply your liners for brilliant, worry-free application. (Also be sure to empty it out and clean it regularly; this will remove wax buildup and ensure optimal sharpening.) While the most typical size of a pencil is smaller, many cosmetic liners now come in jumbo sizes, so it may be worth your while to select a sharpener with dual capabilities.

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