Lip Plumpers

Lip Plumpers

Perfect your pout with our powerful lip plumpers! Designed to enhance the fullness of your lips, lip plumpers are perfect when you want to get that bee-stung look, without the pain of needles or surgical intervention. A little plumper can - and will - go a long way.

You'll be amazed at what your plumper can do for you. It makes thin lips look full, and full ones look luscious. By adding shape and volume to your kisser, these lip plumpers aid in making your mouth the main attraction. 

Lip plumpers work by using active agents to increase the blood flow to your lips. The best plumpers (i.e. our plumpers!) do this without making you feel like your mouth is on fire. Common ingredients used to achieve this fuller, infused look include cinnamon, wintergreen and ginger. Nothing scary or invasive. Plumpers also include intense moisturisers to help keep your lips hydrated. Lip plumpers aren't just cleverly labelled lipsticks and glosses: they really do amp up the volume.

Whether you want a clear plumper or a pigmented option will depend on when you plan to use it. While our lineup of plumping products will make your lips stand out, you may or may not want the added effects of colour. For a more subdued but undeniably sexy look, opt for a clear plumper that will add volume and shine to the natural hue of your lips. For a more dramatic look worthy of the hottest date ever, slather your smackers in a juicy coloured plumper. 

Lipstick and glosses have their place on your face and have doubtlessly had their time to shine. No one is saying to forsake them forever, but you should definitely try a plumper. We’ve already hand picked the winning products in the beauty industry: all you have to do is pick the winner that works for you.

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