Lip Liners

Lip Liners

Not only does lip liner make your lipstick look better, but it also makes it last longer. This means fewer applications for you and a beautifully finished look. Our lip liners have been designed by the best brands in beauty for the most enduring and polished wear.. Without lip liner, lipstick application can leave us with an unseemingly (and unseamed) feathered look around the edges of lips. Lip liner will highlight the natural shape of your lips or create a slightly different lip shape. For a perfect application, use a balm beforehand, so your smackers are plump and hydrated. Blot, and then begin applying your liner from the top centre of your mouth (i.e. the cupid's bow). You can either follow the line of your natural lips or create a shape of your own devising. Next, fill in your lips with your liner to create a solid base for your lipstick or gloss.

The size and colour of your liner depend on you and the look you want. Chunkier pencils are great if you plan to stick to the natural shape of your lips since they will give you the structure you need, while also filling in colour. Sharper pencils are best if you plan to use some artistic license with your lips since they will give you more precise, more convincing borders that won't bleed.

When it comes to selecting a colour, you don’t need an exact match for your lipstick, but it should be a shade or two of the same colour - and a shade or two lighter. A darker liner will make it obvious you’re wearing liner, and while this may have been the makeup trend of the 90’s, it’s a trend most of us would prefer to forget.

If you've ever wanted fuller, plumper lips, this is the tool that can give you the look you've been yearning for!

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