Eye Primers

Eye Primers

Eyeshadow primer is the foundation of flawless eyes. Just like your facial primer, eyeshadow primer works double duty to make your eye concealer last longer, and prevent it from creasing and travelling down to your cheeks. This helps create that airbrushed look, without the aid of technology.. Eyeshadow primer has a unique technology all its own. Just as it prevents your concealer from creasing, it prevents the skin under your eyes from doing the same, which can result in a tired, aged look. And because primer encourages your eye makeup to stay put, it also helps you maintain that just-applied and polished look all day long. Translation: those killer cat eyes won't look more like racoon eyes at the end of the night.

Eyeshadow primer is as wonderfully easy to use as it is effective. What's more, it's not just for use under your eyes. Eyeshadow primer can also be used on your brows to keep your brow powder firmly in place. Just swipe it through your brows, allow it to dry and then apply your brow tint. It can also be used to help conceal acne by encouraging your foundation to stay put.

Another perk? It's an incredible tool to use on fine lines around your mouth. By preventing foundation from settling into those wee wrinkles, your skin looks younger. You can even use eye primer on your lips to help secure your lipstick.

Eyeshadow primer may very well be the hardest working tool in your makeup kit. While it is not often the most mentioned item, it is one that you shouldn’t be living without. One simple product can fix a myriad of common cosmetic woes. See for yourself. We’ve curated the best brands in the beauty industry here, so you don’t have to look far to find a sure bet.

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