The right brand of eyeshadow is essential when it comes to creating the perfect look. It can make all the difference between looking like you had your makeup done by a pro and looking like you had your makeup done by a toddler. That's why we only carry the best eyeshadows from the world's top beauty brands.

The key to finding the right eyeshadow comes down to recognising your eye colour and perfecting your application technique. While there is a time and place for you to experiment with almost any shade of shadow, there are undeniably shades that look particularly stunning on certain eye colours. 

Blue eyes look amazing with neutrals and can rock orange tints for a bold, evening look. Brown eyes are perfection with a swipe of purple or green, and hazel eyes look incredible with soft neutrals. Got green eyes? Then play up warm neutrals, rusts and burgundy for a truly inspired, eye-popping colour treatment. For people with grey eyes, embrace the blues and charcoals to play up your peepers. 

Of course, there is no reason to limit yourself to these colours. With great application and the right products, any eye colour can use almost any colour to create a truly visionary look. In fact, the best products are designed to facilitate great application. They’re easy to use and are made for real life. They don’t need to be in the hands of a makeup pro to work wonders, and they’re not finicky and cumbersome to use. These are the eyeshadows we carry: the ones that embody classic, fun and functional beauty. >

Choose from our selection of stick shadows, pens, palates, and highlighters. Whether you want a matte or sparkle, cream or tint, we've got the goods to create the right look, every time. All you need is a ready hand and your own sense of style.

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