Face Roller and Gua Sha Stones & Sets

Face Roller and Gua Sha Stones & Sets

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Elevate your skincare routine whilst indulging in some mindful self-care with our selection of superior facial and body skin rollers. Ideal for use on all skin types, even sensitive, these natural crystal and metal rollers make the perfect addition to any skincare regimen boasting benefits of lymphatic drainage, a lifted appearance to facial contours and increased micro-circulation. This in turn helps stimulate skin firming collagen production and detoxifies the skin, and can even help combat cellulite on the body. Discover the best-selling Retreatment Botanics Sculpt and Lift Micro Vibration Roller that elevates your relaxing ritual with rose quartz and gentle sonic vibrations for anti-ageing benefits for the face and eyes.

Buy Jade and Rose Quartz Gua Shas 

Face rollers and gua shas offer a natural and holistic approach to enhanced skin health with mindful relaxation. The skin roller imparts soothing skin benefits thanks to the cool natural crystal or metal used to roll over the skin, whilst a stone gua sha is renowned for its mineral composition to encourage healing as it sculpts and stimulates the skin. One of the most popular skin rollers is the Ecococo Rose Quartz + Jade Crystal Face Roller which is dual ended to combine the best of both natural jade and rose quartz crystals for enhanced relaxation. Vanessa Megan Beauty Vibe Micro Vibration Wand expertly depuffs the eyes, boosts circulation and lymph drainage whilst stimulating facial muscles to improve collagen and elastin reserves. Whilst the Mukti Organics Bian Stone Gua Sha offers an array of anti-ageing benefits as this natural Chinese medicine stone is a composition of 40+ healing minerals that sculpts and caresses the facial contours. Shop jade and rose quartz gua shas, bian stone gua shas and an array of skin soothing face rollers today!

Shop Rose Quartz and Jade Face Rollers 

The most popular face rollers are those made of natural jade or rose quartz crystals. These natural stones are renowned for their holistic healing properties and cooling effect on the skin as they massage, detoxify and sculpt the face. To enjoy the best of both crystals, the Ecococo Rose Quartz + Jade Crystal Face Roller is a dual ended device ideal for stimulating circulation all over the face, neck and eye areas. The benefits of this tension releasing technique help improve skincare product absorption, enhance cellular rejuvenation and promote healthy collagen production for a more radiant and youthful skin appearance.

Discover Our Range of Crystal Face Massage Rollers

Choosing the best crystal face massage roller is easy when you shop here at Activeskin as we offer an extensive selection of premium skin care tools and beauty devices to suit all skin types. The beauty of crystal skin rollers is that they offer numerous skin benefits to enhance any skincare regimen, and can be stored in the fridge to offer additional skin cooling, mimicking the benefits of an ice facial massage. From natural jade, rose quartz, bian stone and surgical metal, these relaxing skin stimulating devices feel luxurious as they relieve tension and boost cellular rejuvenation.

Does a Gua Sha Work?

Gua shas crafted from jade, rose quartz or healing bian stone are smooth, flat tools contoured to perform ancient gua sha massage techniques that help improve blood flow and release tension. The movements are designed to flow and gently scrape the skin to reduce puffiness, boost skin radiance and relax facial muscles via a soothing facial massage. With regular use the benefits include improved skin tone, a more even complexion and enhanced skin radiance with noted improvements to fine lines and skin circulation. The Skin Regimen Gua Sha is a great tool to elevate your skincare regimen as you massage the face from the centre outwards.

What's the Correct Gua Sha Technique?

Working with light to medium pressure, the gua sha massage technique focuses on boosting microcirculation and lymphatic drainage in a pattern, from the centre of the face fanning outwards towards the ears and down the neck. It is recommended to commence a gua sha massage on cleansed skin with your choice of skin oil or face serum as a light medium to provide gentle slip, allowing the tool to glide comfortably over the skin without dragging.

What Are Face Rollers For?

Ideal for boosting skin radiance, enhancing skin elasticity and stimulating blood flow, face rollers are designed to gently stimulate the skin to improve its overall health and appearance. In addition, the tension relieving massage a face roller delivers can holistically improve the mood and aid relaxation as part of your overall wellness. Skin rollers and gua shas also help to promote cellular rejuvenation by stimulating collagen production as they sculpt and contour the skin. As a key tool in self-care, the use of a face roller offers effective moments of mindfulness and relaxation to elevate any skincare routine.

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