Foundation Sponges

Foundation Sponges

Putting on your makeup just got a whole lot easier thanks to our selection of game-changing makeup sponges. They'll help you achieve that airbrushed look, without the filters. These are the tools that will buff and blend your face to perfection. Get ready to fall in love with these lightweight, heavy hitters.. From sponges to shine control blotting films to finishing brushes, our lineup of applicators reflects the best products in the beauty industry. It's amazing what the right tools can do. The kind of applicator you want to use will depend on what sort of makeup you're using. For products that are powder based, you'll want to use your brush. However, if you want to blend or achieve an entirely uniform look, then sponges are your best bet. While your fingers can certainly get your makeup on your face, don't always do result in the seamless look you covet. In fact, unless you are an expert finger blender, chances are your skin will look more uneven than it did before you put on makeup.

Our sponges are wonderfully simple to use: just dab or blot your makeup into your skin until it's blended. Whether you want to use foundation, concealer, or highlighter, the technique is the same: don't rub, just blot! And remember that your sponge can carry a lot of product, so don't overload your sponge. A little bit can go a long way.

For a truly flawless finish, pick up some blotting film. This amazing makeup technology will absorb oil, without removing your makeup. Compact and powerful, a blotting film is a must-have for people with extremely oily skin. Put it in your purse, and refresh your look as needed by dabbing it around your face.

These are the tools you didn’t know you needed until you used them. You’re one step away from a more polished version of yourself!

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