Our tweezers are so versatile, sturdy and agile, they'll make your list of the handful of things you'd take to a desert island. Created for easy precision plucking, these tweezers are designed to keep your hairs in line. They've been made to be comfortable to hold so that you can uproot any unsightly hairs in seconds.. Tweezers are one of those beauty accessories no one really wants to use, but almost everyone needs. Whether you just have a few hairs here and there, are in constant battle with a unibrow, or could rival your father for facial hair, for many of us, tweezing is a way of life. That is why it's so refreshing to come across tweezers made for real life. Whether you're plucking your eyebrow arch or that tough to tweeze area right under your chin, these tweezers will help get the job done.

When used for sculpting your eyebrows, it's important to remember to work with your brow's natural shape. You may not be thrilled with the shape you've been given, but tweezing is not the sole way you're going to rework your look: they are just there to clean up any stray brows and create a more uniform, streamlined brow. Leave the majority of the reshaping efforts to your brow enhancers.

If you're among the many women who battle with facial hair below the brow, then know you're in good company - and when you use one of these sets of tweezers, in good hands. Before you tweeze, be sure to wash your face and tweezers thoroughly. Cleaning your face will allow you to target whiskers better, and cleaning your tweezers will help prevent any bacteria transfer, which could cause breakouts. Rewash your face and tweezers when you're done to keep your pores and your tools clean.

Grab a pair of our tweezers and get ready for precision plucking!

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