Brow Pencil

Brow Pencil

Defined brows are always on trend which is why a brow pencil is a popular makeup tool for enhancing the natural shape of the eyebrows. Our brow pencils are available in a variety of colours and formulations to match beautifully to different brow hair shades and skin tones. This creates the illusion of your natural brows only better, with more fullness, shape and sculpted definition. The best brow pencil is one that has a smooth, long-lasting formula and a precise tip that allows for easy application.

Waterproof Brow Pencil

Choosing a brow pencil opens up an array of choices not limited to colour, but also for  its waterproof ability. A waterproof brow pencil is essential for those who lead an active lifestyle or live in humid climates, so you can go from work to the gym without worrying about your brows. It ensures that the product stays put all day, without smudging or fading, even in water or sweat.

What's The Best Brow Pencil?

The best brow pencil should match the natural color of your eyebrows to create a seamless, natural-looking finish. The brow pencil piment should also be easy to blend, so that the colour can be adjusted to achieve the desired intensity. This allows you to effortlessly fill sparse brows, shape and define unruly brows or create a soft and natural look. Should you prefer your brows to have more dramatic definition, a good brow pencil will also allow for this intensity.

Which Brow Pencil is Best for Beginners

Choose a brow pencil that matches with what you need to achieve with your brows. For example, a fine tip eyebrow pencil will mimic the fine hairs of the brow nicely to easily extend, shape and define your natural brows. Selecting a brow pencil with a chiseled tip helps to create fluffier, full and less sparse brows and effortlessly fills gaps.

Do I use a Brow Pencil Before or After Foundation

A good rule of thumb is to use a brow pencil after you apply your foundation. This allows you to shape and define the eyebrows to match your fresh makeup canvas with the option of cleaning up the brows afterwards with a little concealer. Applying foundation after brow pencil almost certainly either leaves a gap between your foundation and brows, or the foundation can smudge the freshly tidied brows. Should eyebrows be darker or lighter than hair? Brow pencils that match or are even slightly darker than our natural hair colour tend to look more natural. This may be because the colour fills sparse areas nicely, creating a more defined and full brow effect. A good tip is to use a clear brow gel after applying your brow pencil to keep hairs and colour in place.

Buy Brow Pencils Online

Our range of brow pencils spans professional makeup brands such as Napoleon Perdis, Jane Iredale and Youngblood in addition to on-trend products to ensure the right brow pencil is for you. The shape of the brow pencil also helps create different looks. Some pencils have a thin, pointed tip, which is perfect for creating fine hair-like strokes to replicate the look of natural brow hairs. Others have a wider, slanted tip, which is better suited for filling in larger areas of the brow with ease.

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