Our foundation creams are the best the beauty business has to offer. Handpicked by our makeup experts, these foundations are the hardest working, longest lasting products in the industry. From powders to liquids, to products meant to cover acne or conceal the years, our spread of fantastic foundations will perfectly suit your needs and your skin tone.. These foundations won't create the caked on, mask-like look you may be used to. Lightweight and hardworking, our foundations provide superior coverage but feel more like your favourite moisturiser.

To find your perfect colour, don't force a match. It should be the same colour as the back of your hand and should disappear seamlessly into your skin without blending. (Though, of course, you should blend - especially onto your jawline!)

And while foundation may feel like a moisturiser, and may even have moisturising properties, it’s important to remember its primary function is to conceal. A foundation blends best with skin that is exfoliated and nourished, so add this to your pre-application regime for a flawless, airbrushed look.

You can decide if you want powder or liquid foundation by considering your skin type and your lifestyle. If you have acne prone or sensitive skin or live in a hot climate or you're always on the go, opt for a powder foundation. Powders don’t clog pores as much and can absorb oil well.

Dry or older skin, on the other hand, is well-suited for liquid foundations, which can give your visage a healthier, more supple look and do wonders to conceal fine lines and wrinkles. And because it is in liquid form, it will help your skin hold onto moisture.

Be sure to pick one that’s designed for you. If you have more mature skin, for example, select a product made for this skin type. These foundations will not only conceal the signs of time, but many of them will also prevent and repair the damage.

If you have skin prone to allergies and sensitivities, opt for an organic foundation that will be gentle, while also providing the coverage you desire. If, on the other hand, your skin is prone to blemishes, choose a foundation designed to hide acne that won’t clog pores and contribute to the problem.

Whichever product you choose, our collection of foundations awaits to grace your face.

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