Lip Brushes

Lip Brushes

Pucker up and get ready to perfect your pout! Our beauty experts have compiled a collection of the best lip brushes in the industry, designed by the top makeup brands in the world. These are the ones that will ensure you get your ideal application of lip colour.. Beauty is all in the details, and we've got that covered. While your standard bullet of lipstick or brush applicator of gloss will get the job done, it leaves something wanting in the way of precision. Lipstick in a tube is blunt, and it's difficult to hug the curves of your lips with anything other than a precision brush. Getting exact lines is of particular importance for those of us who use lip cosmetics to reshape our natural features. A liner or definer brush will allow you to create the look - and the lips - you've always wanted. You don't have to forsake your favourite tube of lipstick - just use a dependable brush to apply it.

Same goes for filling in between the lines. The tapered bristles of our application brushes allow you to colour with confidence. Their sweep will give your pigmentation a more even appearance. Simply start in the centre of your mouth, and work your way out.

In fact, lip brushes facilitate beautiful blending of liners and lipsticks, and since you can also better layer your colour, it also increases your look’s longevity. The long wand-like handle of our brushes make them super easy to use, it almost is like magic. You can easily apply colour to the often neglected corners of your mouth and get precise detailing on your cupid’s bow.

Even if you don’t want to use a lip brush for your colour, you’ll learn to love it for application of lip conditioners. No more sticking your finger into a sticky jar - just brush it on. However you choose to use your lip brushes, the result is a more even finished, more flawless set of smackers.

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