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Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson Brush

When the classic hairbrush design from 1885 remains to this day, you can be assured your hair’s condition will benefit. From London, England comes the original rubber-cushion Mason Pearson hairbrush to detangle and smooth every strand. Remaining primarily handmade captures exceptional quality as the Mason Pearson brush perfection creates beautifully healthy hair. The soft flex of the signature rubber cushion helps massage the scalp, distributing your hair’s naturally nourishing oils for beautiful shine. Available in Mason Pearson Nylon, Mason Pearson Pure Bristle and the perfect mix bristle brush of the Mason Pearson Nylon & Bristle option you’re bound to find your perfect hair brush match.

Mason Pearson Stockists

Activeskin is an official Mason Pearson stockist Australia offering an extensive choice of pocket sized, child and universal hair brushes in an array of colour options. Shop your perfect Mason Pearson hairbrush Australia with fast and free delivery over $50. Featuring handcrafted care to create the most comfortable hair smoothing tool, the range beautifully caters for children and adults alike. Designed to gently flex at the base as you smooth and detangle the hair, this rubber pad gives your scalp a stimulating massage with every use. Boasting sturdy handles and handcrafted manufacturing processes of the highest quality, a Mason Pearson brush can last decades with gentle cleansing and care.

Buy Mason Pearson Hair Brush in Australia

Wondering where to buy Mason Pearson brush for your particular hair needs? Activeskin is your premium online destination for the best choice of Mason Pearson hair brushes at the best prices. As an authorised stockist, you can be assured of the very best in hair care with your purchase of Mason Pearson with unrivaled quality that lasts the true test of time.

How Long Does a Mason Pearson Brush Last?

Ever asked yourself, how long does a mason pearson brush last? Perfect for all hair lengths and ages, from baby fine hair right through to the elderly, Mason Pearson is the epitome of elegance in the creation of healthy hair with decades of enjoyment to be had. A lifetime of luxury in haircare comes straight from Mason Pearson hair brushes, with the iconic and classic rubber-cushioned hair brush. Standing the test of time by remaining true to the original design, this hair brush is an investment in quality. Crafted with superior quality, the Mason Pearson hair brush has been known to be passed down through families thanks to the robust design and finest finishes that makes this hair brush last and last. 

Are Mason Pearson Brushes Worth It?

Choose from various handle options, natural boar bristles, nylon bristles or a combination if you prefer and feel the soothing opulence with each use of a Mason Pearson hair brush. The best-selling Mason Pearson boar bristle brush, the Mason Pearson Handy Pure Boar Bristle Black B3 Brush expertly prevents split ends and static whilst massaging the scalp to encourage healthy hair growth. Similarly, the popular Mason Pearson Universal Nylon Black NU2 Brush effortlessly detangles very long, thick hair with ease as the cushioned rubber flexes to massage the scalp. So are mason pearson brushes worth it? The incredible longevity and premium quality of each hand-crafted Mason Pearson brush certainly makes this investment in healthy hair worth it. Discover beautifully healthy and shiny hair for years to come with a Mason Pearson hair brush in hand.

Where to Buy a Mason Pearson Brush

Activeskin is your premium stockist and official partner of Mason Pearson, so you can shop with ease and confidence. Browse our collection of the finest Mason Pearson hair care products to help detangle, smooth and add shine to your lengths in addition to a great choice of hair shampoos, treatments and styling products on offer.

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