Oil Cleansers

Oil Cleansers

Where to Buy Oil Cleanser

Oil cleansers, also known as cleansing oils, are a highly effective and gentle product to effortlessly remove makeup and impurities from the skin. Even sunscreen and waterproof makeup are no match for an oil cleanser as it melts away surface debris to leave the skin feeling fresh, hydrated and comfortable. Activeskin is the best place to shop for your new oil cleanser with plenty of choice and new arrival oils cleansers to choose from.

Best Oil Cleanser

The best oil cleanser will leave your skin feeling fresh and not greasy, but rather clean and conditioned ready for your serum and moisturiser to be applied. Look for an oil cleanser suited to your skin type for best results and you may like to double cleanse to most effectively remove surface dirt and debris before the pores are thoroughly purified.

Hydrating Oil Cleansers

If your skin is dry or dehydrated then it is going to fall in love with an oil cleanser. This type of cleanser is gentle and conditioning on the skin and although effective at attracting dirt, makeup and excess oil it won’t strip your skin of natural sebum. This means the moisture and hydration in your skin can be unaffected by the cleansing ritual, and by selecting a hydrating oil cleanser further benefits your skin.

Natural Oil Cleanser

Natural ingredients are becoming more and more popular when searching for the best cream cleanser, gel cleanser and oil cleanser thanks to the gentle potency of botanical ingredients. One of the most popular types of oil cleanser is in fact a natural oil cleanser enriched with plant based oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil and safflower oil. These natural oil based cleansers won’t clog your pores, are gentle on sensitive skin and wash cleanly and safely away down the drain with minimal environmental impact.

Oil Makeup Remover

WHen it comes to shifting heavy eye makeup, waterproof mascara and stubborn lip stains be sure to reach for an oil based makeup remover to make light work of it. The cleansing oil binds oil based ingredients like a magnet and once emulsified with water, washes makeup cleanly from the skin. These oil makeup removers are often referred to as hydrophilic as they dissolve debris away when water is added.

Best Oil Cleanser for Makeup Removal

Dermalogica’s PreCleanse, Skinstitut’s EXPERT Replenish Squalane Cleansing Oil and 

Napoleon Perdis’ Rebirth Venus Skin Renewal Cleansing Oil all make excellent makeup removers as they are formulated with nurturing oils that are tough on makeup, yet gentle on your skin. They work by dissolving makeup without the need for rubbing or pulling on the skin for a more comfortable cleanse, and are best followed with a second cleanse to ensure all traces are removed.

What Is Oil Cleanser

In summary, oil cleanser is an effective formulation cleanser that attracts oil, dirt, makeup and sunscreen from the skin's surface and once emulsified with water, washes pollution cleanly away from the skin without irritation. An oil cleanser may have botanical oils in formulation and is best followed by a second cleanse with another oil cleaner, gel cleanser, cream cleanser or your exfoliating cleanser of your choice.

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