Eyeshadow Brushes

Eyeshadow Brushes

The eyes have it thanks to our inspired spread of eye brushes. Designed by beauty experts, these brushes were made to perfect your peppers with a spot-on application and ease of use. From brushes for your eyebrows, lash lines, lids and under-eye area, these makeup brushes have been created for ocular excellence.. You’re not stuck with the makeup brushes that come with your eye makeup. While those foam applicators will do in a pinch, there’s a whole other world of application possibilities out there: possibilities that will give you a more beautifully blended and perfectly precise look.

Whether you use cream, liquid, gel or powder products, our eye makeup brushes can work wonders. For lines that hug your lashes, choose from our selection of eyeliner brushes. To apply your under eye concealer with absolute confidence, opt for our taper head concealer brushes. For eyeshadow shades that mingle magnificently, peruse our selection of rounded blending brushes. For a gradual wash of eyeshadow, then opt for an angled brush. To blur your smoky eye, our smudging brushes are your best bet. And if you're looking to apply liner to your lower lashes, then use our flat brush for best results.

These brushes are built for the long haul, so make sure to wash them regularly, giving them time to air dry between uses. This will keep them clean and in fine form for years to come. Even the best brushes can succumb to perpetual neglect, so make caring for your beauty tools as necessary as putting on your makeup. If you use your brushes daily, this means you should clean them at least once a week. It’s a small price to pay for brushes that get the job done beautifully, time and time again.

You have a lot of options, which means endless possibilities and lots of looks. Rediscover the fun of wearing makeup and start experimenting again! These brushes are just the beginning.

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