Afterpay x Activeskin

You shouldn't have to wait to get the skincare you need and the beauty products you want...enter Afterpay.

Activeskin and Afterpay: a perfectly paired partnership that allows you to shop now, and pay over time, with NO interest. That’s right: you are afforded the luxury of paying for your favourite beauty products at a more leisurely pace. Consider it a stress-reducing addition to your current beauty regime.

To use Afterpay for makeup, skincare, or whatever you fancy at Activeskin, all you have to do is fill out a quick application form and then choose a credit or debit card to attach to your Afterpay account for eventual payment processing. Simple as that. Afterpay has got your back until you pay it back. Use Afterpay for makeup products, your favourite hand cream, body lotion or a luxurious serum: you shouldn’t have to wait to look and feel your best.


How Afterpay Works

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What Cards are Accepted by Afterpay?

When is Your First Afterpay Payment Due?

Easy and Transparent