Eye Makeup Removers

Eye Makeup Removers

Get rid of last night's look with our gentle and effective eye makeup removers. Designed to cleanse as well as moisturise, eye makeup removers do more than give your visage a fresh start: they also help protect and preserve the delicate skin around your eyes. If you wear eye makeup, you need a quality eye makeup remover.. Sleeping with any amount of makeup on your face can cause acne, make your skin appear dull and even speed up ageing. (Not to mention the staining of your sheets and pillows!) During your sleeping hours is when your body’s cells heal, cleanse and rejuvenate, and it’s hard to do this with a load of cosmetics on your face. Considering makeup is worn to help make us look better, this can defeat the process.

When it comes to eye makeup specifically, not removing the layers of primers, shadows, liners and mascara can result in eye infections, puffy eyes and discolouration. That is why it's imperative to use a makeup remover designed specifically for your eyes: it’s a unique and sensitive area that requires a delicate cleansing solution.

Created by the best brands in beauty, our eye makeup removers are powerful and gentle by design. Rather than rubbing your eye area, you can simply dab away the day's cosmetics. While scrubbing may remove the makeup faster, it can pull at the thinner skin around your eyes, which can pluck lashes, cause redness, and over time, damage the skin, which increases and contributes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cleaning and caring for your skin is an equal and important part of your beauty regime - just as important as moisturising and perfectly applying your eyeliner or lipstick. There is no other area that requires as much attention as the sensitive skin around your eyes. Invest in an eye makeup remover that can give heavy duty results, with a gentle and nourishing touch.

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