Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash Curlers

Open up your eyes to the beauty of eyelash curlers. In just a few moments, curlers can make your eyelashes look longer and your eyes bigger - even before you've put on a lick of makeup. Our beauty experts have selected the eyelash curlers proven to give you the most luscious lashes, no fuss.. While they may look intimidating - and even a little painful - eyelash curlers are easy and painless to use when used as intended. You’ll hear a lot of people talk about heating up the wax strip on your curler with a blow dryer prior to use for a more intense curl, or using them when the mascara is wet to make the look stick, but you’re more likely to end up with a scalded eyelid and clumpy lashes than you are to achieve those come-hither eyes. Not only will heat singe your lashes, curling them when they are wet with mascara will fuse them together. It’s not a good look. Trust us.

Skip the tricks and stick to the basics: curl your lashes when they are clean and dry, starting at the base and then slowly working your way to the tips, holding for a couple of seconds as you go. While using eyelash curlers may take some practice, the technique is simple and straightforward.

Once you’re done curling, apply your mascara - or don’t. Eyelash curlers can give your lashes some octane by just curling them up, thereby making them look longer. So, if you’re going for a subdued, relaxed and casual look, a little curl may be enough. Of course, if you want the full on effect, then mascara is your best bet shy of applying false lashes - and you can even use your eyelash curlers to add more shape to your falsies.

An eyelash curler is a staple of any makeup kit. Get yours now, and it will work wonders with your lashes for years to come.

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