Lipstick is the consummate cosmetic staple - and we have the best brands in the beauty industry right here. These are the ones that everyone loves to wear again and again. They reflect both current trends and classic style, and when it comes to cosmetics, you really can't get any better than that.. Lipstick is timeless. It's capable of being both stunning and subtle, sexy and understated, chic and playful - and often all at the same time. That is if you buy the good stuff - and luckily for you, that's all we have. From mattes to metallics, plumpers to long-haulers, mineral-based to vegan proud, to products with built-in moisturisers and those with built-in primers, we've got everything you're looking for - and probably a lot you didn't know existed.

All you have to do is select the right shade. What's the perfect shade for you? There isn't just one! There is actually a slew of stellar pigments that will look beautiful with your skin type, so don't tie yourself to a single selection. Much like you wouldn't wear the outfit you wore to the beach to a cocktail party, the same cosmetics don't always translate. You'll want a few shades of lipstick to compliment your skin tone, and suit your lifestyle.

People with fair skin can own pinks, pinkish reds, peaches and even oranges. Medium skin tones look fantastic with killer cherry reds, medium pinks, and apricots. If you have olive skin, berry colours, dark roses, dark apricots and dark reds are your go-to shades. And for beauties with dark skin, have a blast with golden beiges, dark berry colours, brown-reds and dark fuschia.

No matter your skin tone, you have a lot of room to play up your natural beauty. Peruse our lineup: you'll have no trouble finding a lipstick you love for any occasion.

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