Toner for Face

Toner for Face

Toner Skin Care

Facial toners have become an essential step within the skincare routine, and for good reason. A good facial toner can help improve the condition of the skin to treat a diverse range of skin types and concerns. These versatile products, commonly known as skin toners, offer an array of benefits for those on the quest to achieve optimal skin health. Ideal for use after your face cleanser, a skin toner often offers a choice of active ingredients such as hydrating ingredients like Hyalurionic acid, exfoliating ingredients like Glycolic acid & AHAs or soothing botanicals like Aloe Vera. Toner skin care products can dramatically assist to balance, refine, refresh and brighten the complexion and play a key role in every skincare regimen.

Hydrating Toners & Toner for Oily Skin

Finding the best toner for oily skin or a hydrating toner to address concerns of skin dehydration is a cinch when you shop at Activeskin, as you'll find the best range of skin toners on offer. Oily skin facial toners are formulated to control excess sebum production and help minimise shine. In addition, a toner for oily skin can help soothe the skin and offer anti-bacterial active ingredients to help minimise breakouts and congestion. Try the EmerginC Deglazing Toner or the popular SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner. And when it comes to finding a hydrating facial toner to help replenish dehydrated skin, try the Ultraceuticals Ultra Hydrating Skin Mist or the Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Mist to instantly quench and soothe the skin as it tops up vital moisture. Hydrating toners can also be referred to as an all skin type toner that can benefit a broad range of skin conditions.

Buy Toners for Skin

When it comes to buying toners for skin, it is important to select a facial toner to suit your individual skin types and needs. From the biggest professional skincare brands you’ll find toning sprays, mist and lotions to help expertly calm, replenish and refine the condition of your skin. Dermalogica toners, Cosmedix toners and Environ cleansers & toners all boast high-performance active ingredients to help improve the condition of your skin. The beauty of a skin toner mist or spray is that it can be applied after cleansing and also over the top of makeup to help hydrate and soothe the skin whilst setting your foundation in place. Other toners are easily applied to cotton pads and wiped over the skin to remove residue after cleansing, rebalance the skin’s pH and refine the pores. No matter the face toner you are searching for, Activeskin offers the best selection of toners at the best price, all conveniently delivered to your door.

Shop Facial Toners

Once you understand the importance of facial toners within skincare routine, no doubt you’ll be on the hunt for one to elevate your skin’s health. Cosmeceutical skincare toners boast high potency active ingredients to help transform the skin by refining pores, combating dehydration or balancing the skin’s pH. Shop toners with Niacinamide & Vitamin B like the Medik8 Daily Refresh Balancing Toner to help soothe and strengthen your skin against environmental stress, or reach for a toner with Vitamin C like the Pelactiv Vita C+ Hydra Mist Toner to help brighten the complexion.

Does Toner Minimise Pores?

One of the best ways to minimise the appearance of open pores is to use a pore refining toner. This specialised type of toner works by keeping pores clear whilst controlling excess oil to leave pores looking more refined. A natural toner to help with this is the Vanessa Megan Rose Hydrosol Pore Refining Toner or the Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner. Another great option when selecting a pore refining toner is to look for astringent ingredients that help tighten the skin such as the Murad Clarifying Toner. This type of toner is particularly helpful when looking for skin care for acne, as the formula effectively helps control breakouts and blemishes. So if you have been wondering, does toner minimize pores, you can be confident that targeted refining toners can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

Can I Use Different Toners for Day and Night?

If you are wondering if different toners for day and night benefit the skin, this really depends on your personal skincare goals. Your skin can reap the rewards from using hydrating face mists or spray toners during the day, applied as often as you think of it, to top up hydration and keep your makeup looking fresh. Whereas at night, when skin cell turnover ramps up, your skin could benefit from the renewing action of an exfoliating toner such as the Skinstitut Expert Refine AHA Glycolic Toner or the HydroPeptide Clarifying Toner. These clarifying toners boast Lactic acid or Glycolic acid & AHAs to help resurface the complexion to keep it soft and smooth.

How Often Should You Use Face Toner? 

Face toner should be used twice a day as part of a comprehensive skincare routine for best results. Ideally after cleansing the skin, the facial toner is then applied to help balance, condition and soothe the skin prior to the application of serums & treatments, day moisturiser and night creams. By applying your toner to clean skin before moisturiser allows better absorbency of your desired hydrating moisturiser which in turn, amplifies the benefits and results of subsequent products.

How to Use Face Toner

To maximise benefits for your skin, it is imperative that you understand how to use a face toner. Facial toners are best applied to clean skin, morning and night, however this can be modified based on your skin’s needs. After using your preferred face cleanser or face exfoliators & scrubs, pat the skin dry and follow the directions of use on your chosen toner for best results. Some toners are recommended to be wiped over the skin with a cotton pad like the Payot Nue Lotion Tonique Eclat, whilst other toners should be applied by pressing the fluid into the skin. A convenient toner to use is a spray toner or face mist as these are spritzed directly onto the skin to refresh and hydrate without removal required. Try the Saya Rose Hydrating Mist to quench your skin after cleansing, and conveniently top up skin hydration throughout the day.

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