Lip Stains & Tints

Lip Stains & Tints

For lip colour that will last, start staining with our lip tints. Our lip stain & tint have been selected because they live up to their name, sticking to your lips for the long-haul. This may be the most reliable relationship you've ever had with a beauty product. Check out our lip stain line up.. Our lip stains will stick around for longer than conventional lipsticks, making them ideal for events where you don't want to have to do constant cosmetic upkeep. You can feel confident leaving your bag of tricks behind as you venture out for hours at a time. This stuff isn't going anywhere - and if you have more mature skin, it won’t travel into fine lines and wrinkles around your lips as the day wears on. It’s locked in well.

Lip stains literally stain your lips, temporarily dying it your desired colour. It's not usually waxy like lipstick, so it won't travel or be licked (or kissed!) off. No more finding your lip colour on your date's collar or your teeth: a lip stain secures it firmly in place. For those of us who are chronic lip biters or marathon neckers, this product is nothing short of a miracle.

Lip stain is also ideal to wear when you have a busy schedule. Who says you have to look harried just because it’s how you feel? Apply when you head out for the day, and forget about it. You may be pulling your hair out of your perfectly coiffed bun, but your lips will look great.

With many stains, you only have to apply them once a day. Just put it on, and never worry about it again. And because they are not glossy or waxy in texture, lip stains look more natural than lipsticks. The stain simply dyes your lips, not altering your natural texture. Today’s lip stains also have moisturising agents included, so unlike lip stains of old, your lips won’t dry out.

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