We don't always wake up with that radiant complexion we dream of. Sometimes, the skin of our dreams needs a little help to become a reality. Luckily for you, our collection of concealing and correcting products will work wonders to improve your complexion instantly.. Peruse our selection of handpicked concealers, highlighters and correctors. Many of these products work overtime, doing more than camouflaging but also to complete amazing feats like firming skin, moisturising and even treating acne as it hides it. If you are prone to acne or have fine lines or wrinkles, you need to get your hands on a concealer. These are products that not only camouflage but help correct skin issues, giving you a more flawless, uniform complexion even when you're not wearing makeup.

The most important part of selecting a concealer or corrector for your face is to stick to your skin tone. Of course, your skin tone may vary throughout the year, depending on the season, so you could need more than one concealer shade. (It's a small price to pay for amazing results, year round!) Because it can be difficult to see your face as reference, when selecting a colour, use the back of your hand as reference. The skin here is often a fair representation of your facial tone.

Concealers for your under-eye area require a different approach. Because the skin under our eyes tends to be darker than the skin on the rest of our face, select a colour that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone. This will brighten your eye area, making you appear more alert and fresh.

Once you've got your product, you want to ensure you correctly apply it. The key here is blending. While clean, dry fingers will do, there is also a range of highly efficient brushes that can help you blend your concealer into the rest of your face for an entirely seamless look.

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