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Brow gel is an essential product for taming brow hairs and for achieving on point brows. Available in different colour options for the perfect blend including clear brow gel, blonde tinted brow gel, brunette tinted brow gel and auburn tinted brow gel, your hunt for the best brow gel ends here. 

Clear Brow Gel

Clear brow gel is a versatile product that is ideal for those who want a natural look, to enhance existing brow shape and fullness. Ideal for providing hold and definition without adding any color to the brows, clear brow gel keeps unruly hairs nicely in place. Clear brow gel is a fantastic starting point if you are new to brow products and is also great for those who have sparse brows because it can make them look fuller and thicker.

Tinted Brow Gel

Tinted brow gel works wonders for those who want to add color and depth to their brows. This is a great choice if you have sparse eyebrows, light coloured hair or fine hairs that could use a little filling in. Choose a shade that matches your brow colour as best you can for a more natural yet fuller brow appearance. Simply apply and blend, or add extra sculpting definition with a brow definer or brow pencil if you prefer a more dramatic look.

Best Brow Gel

When it comes to the best brow gel, it's a matter of personal preference. However, the best brow gel is one that provides hold, tames unruly hairs and fills the brow to your liking. It should also be easy to apply and blend, and it should last all day without smudging or flaking. Discover exceptional brow gels from Jane Iredale, Youngblood, ModelCo and CanGro Bold Brows.

How Do You Use Brow Gel

Start with a spoolie brush to brush the brow hairs upwards and outwards, starting  from the inner corner. Using the brow gel sparingly with short upward strokes, groom and define the hair before blending in with the spoolie brush. 

Who Should Use Brow Gel

Anyone that has sparse brow hairs, unruly brow hairs or those wanting to define and shape their brows should use a brow gel. The best brow gel will be coloured to match your natural brow hair tone, helping to create the illusion of naturally fuller and shapely brows. Clear brow gel is also ideal for taming brows and enhancing natural shape with definition.

How Do You Fill Gaps in Eyebrows?

Thinning brows and sparse brow hair is a common concern, which is easily filled with the help of a tinted brow gel. Simply select a tinted brow gel shade as close to your natural brow colour as possible to create the illusion of natural fullness. Using light, upward strokes, apply the brow gel from the inner brow out to the end of the brows. Brush with a spoolie into place, concentrating on any gaps and top up in areas that need a little more.

Brow gel is a makeup essential for achieving perfect brows, and compliments all makeup looks from minimal through to dramatic evening glamour. Clear brow gel is ideal for those who prefer a natural look, whilst tinted brow gel is great for adding color and depth. Either way, your perfect brow gel is just a click away.

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