Night Creams

Night Creams

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Night creams are a vital step within a comprehensive skincare routine. Specifically designed to nourish and rejuvenate the skin during the nighttime hours, a night cream perfectly compliments day moisturisers by intensifying the skin renewal and repair processes that occur at a cellular level whilst you sleep. Night cream skincare is essential for anyone looking to target various skin concerns and maintain a healthy complexion. From advanced cosmeceutical skincare moisturisers with Vitamin C or Retinol & Vitamin A, to clean night creams which are free of harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients, night creams are essential for keeping the skin soft, hydrated, nourished and youthful.

Buy Night Cream for Dry Skin and Oily Skin

Dry skin types differ greatly to oily skin types as their needs from a moisturiser vary. For dry skin, the best night cream will offer nourishing ingredients such as ceramides, shea butter or plant oils to replenish and comfort dry skin. Try the Pelactiv Vita-C+ Dream Cream or the Hydropeptide Nimni Cream to deeply nourish and repair dry skin types. Oily skin types tend to prefer a more lightweight night cream that is non-comedogenic yet hydrating with hyaluronic acid. Oily skin night creams help to balance excess sebum, mattify the skin and minimise the appearance of open pores. Try the Alpha-H After Hours AHA Moisturiser with 3.5% Glycolic Acid + 2% Lactic Acid to help refine and smooth oily skin or the Endota Spa New Age Ultra Lite Oil-Free Moisturiser to boost the skin’s moisture levels without adding excess shine. No matter your skin type, there is a perfect night face cream to suit.

Shop Anti Aging Night Cream

Anti aging night cream works wonders to firm, plump and rejuvenate your skin whilst you sleep, thanks to active ingredients and repairing formulations. The popular ASAP Hydrating Night Repair+ contains Glycolic Acid & AHAs to refine skin texture and smooth the skin whilst vital antioxidants shield the skin from damaging free radicals. Whilst the Medik8 Night Ritual Vitamin A provides advanced wrinkle, line, pigmentation and skin texture refinement to diminish the signs of premature ageing. Here at Activeskin you can shop the biggest skincare brands for night creams including Dermalogica, Aspect, Skinstitut and more at the best price everyday.

Choose from the Best Night Creams at Activeskin

A high-quality night cream will condition, repair and hydrate your skin whilst supporting cellular processes like collagen and elastin production. Activeskin offers the best night creams at the best price with an extensive choice to cater to all skin types. Discover Dermalogica Sounds Sleep Cocoon which boost skin radiance whilst supporting better quality sleep or the popular Thalgo Revitalising Night Cream that harnesses marine extracts to luxuriously replenish moisture for a more supple and soft complexion.

Can You Use Night Cream During the Day?

A common question that beauty professionals are asked is can you use night cream during the day. In general, it's best to reserve night creams for nighttime use due to their richer and repairing formulations, which may not sit well under makeup and lack necessary UV protection. Night creams can be used during the day however, are best suited to supporting your skin’s repair and cellular turnover processes that accelerate at night. Day moisturisers tend to be lighter in texture to feel comfortable on the skin when worn alone or under makeup, and some tinted moisturisers go a step further to help balance skin tone with sun protection. By using a day cream during the day and a more restorative night cream at night your skin will be best cared for. 

Is Night Cream Good for Skin?

Night cream is good for the skin as it not only hydrates, moisturises and helps repair the skin. A high quality night cream supports natural skin rejuvenation by supporting collagen and elastin production in addition to enhancing cell turnover efficiencies. This in turn results in a more radiant and youthful looking complexion and allows the skin to stay better hydrated throughout the day.

How to Apply Night Cream

If you are wondering how to apply night cream, the best way is to follow the directions for use. As a general rule, after using your preferred facial cleanser and toner, apply your serums & treatments first before layering on top your night cream. This helps to seal in hydration and prevent epidermal moisture loss throughout the night. Gently massage the night cream into the skin using light upward motions. Be sure to include the neck and decolletage as well as the face to ensure adequate hydration across all areas.

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