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Silicium Lift: The Latest Innovation

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 17 Feb, 2023

Our Marine Expertise

Blog Credit: Thalgo

The sea, origin of life on earth, has always been a vital source of energy for people with the power to physically and mentally regenerate. World renowned for its vast healing properties, the ocean has continued to inspire THALGO and its innovations for over 50 years.

Like a revitalising mineral reboost, marine minerals and trace elements stimulate internal metabolism and are essential to regeneration of the skin. THALGO’s formulas effectively marries marine active ingredients and unique sensory pleasures to promote wellbeing.

Founded in 1976, THALGO draws from its roots in the French Riviera. Their gentle way of life, energising light and colours to “envelop” its active ingredients in hedonistic scents and textures are at the heart of the brand.


Today, THALGO offers daily cosmetic and nutricosmetic formulas, combining sensory pleasure and performance. Our solutions are customisable to every skin type and concern, offering tailor-made care inside and out to glow with luminous, dynamic, and sun-kissed beauty.

Latest Innovation – Silicium Lift


Silicium Lift is more than just an anti – ageing range, it is transformative skin architecture thanks to the combination of marine silicon and rollers inspired by principles of Face Fitness.

The core active ingredients of this range include an algal complex blend of Organic Marine Silicon, Marine Bamboo, Vitamin C and patented Micronised Marine Algae. The formula results in firmer skin, filled in wrinkles, a toned refreshed complexion and revitalised skin.

Silicium Lift Skincare Collection


THALGO offers 5 daily skincare products and an at home Face Fitness Roller for a gentle and relaxing daily ritual that amplify the effects of this formula. The first step of the Silicium Lift routine is the Intensive Lifting and Firming Serum which delivers twice the formula concentration to offer optimal wrinkle correction and firming results.

The collection ranges from day to night care. The Lifting and Firming Day Cream release silicon and vitamin C daily for revitalised, gradually firmed skin, filled-in wrinkles and a fresher complexion. For those with drier skin, this cream is also available in a richer, luscious texture.

The Lifting and Firming Night Cream and Eye Care provides triple action against wrinkles for the skin overnight to reveal a firmer, refreshed complexion in the morning.

To complete the collection, THALGO has also developed a home device version of the Face Fitness Roller to perform a gentle musculo-dermal kneading and rolling massage. It reactivates the skin’s microcirculation for optimal tissue oxygenation and stimulation of the renewal of the dermal matrix.

Each product in the range work together to effectively deliver proven firming and lifting results.