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How To Get Healthy Hair With Vida Glow

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 10 Feb, 2023

Two Must-Have Products For Healthy Hair

If you’re looking for healthy, thick and luscious hair but haven’t found the trick to achieving these goals, then read on to discover the Vida Glow way to healthy hair. 

Your hair is just as important as your skin, so why not give it the same amount of love and affection as you do your skin. 

We understand the thought of growing your hair out, or training your hair to become stronger and thicker seems like a loooong and slow process, but with the right techniques and products, you can start to achieve these goals within 28 days!

Vida Glow has the perfect pair that soon will be your besties: Hairology and Marine Collagen. These two inner beauty powerhouses are going to make your dreams come true and here’s how.

What Is Hairology?

Hairology is Vida Glow’s targeted ingestible solution for hair loss and thinning. When our hair isn’t looking and feeling it’s best, it can have a huge impact on our personal confidence. Add to this, hair loss concerns can be slow and disheartening to manage. Vida Glow’s Hairology is a daily capsule formulated to support hair growth and thickness with fast, visible results. 

Who Is Hairology For? 

Hairology is a once-daily beauty supplement for those concerned about their hair’s condition – no matter your hair type, pattern or colour. 

How does Hairology work?

Hairology works on a cellular level inside the body to deliver bioavailable, clinically studied actives to hair follicles. This supports the hair growth cycle to reduce hair loss and thinning and promote healthy hair growth. 

What Is Marine Collagen? 

Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen is your key to youthful looking skin, strong nails and healthy hair. The collagen powder sachets stimulate collagen production to support the natural ageing process. 

How Much Collagen Do I Need? 

25 - 35 = one serving daily

36 - 45 = two servings daily

46 and over = three servings daily

Benefits of Using Vida Glow’s Hairology & Marine Collagen Together:

  • Reduces hair loss by 34% after 28 days
  • Reduces hair thinning
  • Supports healthy hair follicles
  • Supports hair growth and strength
  • Mains hair thickness