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Transform your skin and reveal healthy radiance with a revolutionary Foreo device. Waterproof and durable, each device is made from medical grade silicone to resist bacteria, for the most comfortable and hygienic experience. Equipped with various benefits including functional heating, cooling, LED light therapy, ultrasonic cleansing and lymphatic massage, this premium beauty tool range elevates your current regimen to new heights. The range of Foreo devices is comprehensive and spans the Foreo Bear microcurrent firming device, Foreo Espada LED breakout device and the Foreo ISSA ultrasonic dental device. Rounding out the collection is the Foreo UFO personal LED thermal device to use with Foreo masks, and the ever popular Foreo LUNA cleansing device. From anti-ageing to blemish controlling benefits, these superior Foreo devices are an investment in ultimate skin health.

Shop Foreo Luna Fofo & Luna Go

For portable and convenient cleansing you can’t go past the feature-packed Foreo LUNA Fofo and Foreo LUNA Go. Just like the best-selling Foreo LUNA 4 cleansing device, the LUNA Fofo and LUNA Go engage sonic technology to remove up to 99% of makeup, embedded impurities, excess oil and debris. Skin is cleansed 35 times more effectively than using nylon bristle cleansing brushes, and far more efficiently cleansed than by hands alone. The intelligent Foreo Fofo goes a step further as your personal skin consultant, with built in 24K gold-plated sensors to tailor your cleansing and massage sequence. With the added bonus of lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate circulation pores are refined, blemishes are banished and treatment products are more readily absorbed. Activeskin makes shopping for the best Foreo for your skin easy, as an official stockist partner of the brand. With free delivery on all orders over $50 and Afterpay available, now is the perfect time to invest in great skin.

Foreo Face Cleanser

The Foreo Micro-Foam Cleanser, specifically formulated for use with their devices, offers a gentle and effective cleansing experience that enhances the benefits of the device technology. Enriched with antioxidant vitamin E and amino acids, this lightweight Foreo cleanser helps to melt sunscreen, makeup, dirt and oil away. By supercharging your cleansing regimen with Foreo skincare & accessories, your skincare regimen will be optimally elevated to reveal anti-ageing, pore refining and radiance enhancing results. 

Foreo Sale

Investing is great skincare and facial cleansing devices doesn’t need to break the bank. Shop Foreo at the best price everyday right here at Activeskin and as part of our A-List, you’ll be the first in the know about our sales events, gifts with purchase and promotional offers.

How to use Foreo

Foreo devices are simple to use and convenient to take travelling also. With an intuitive design and easy to follow instructions, you’re only a step away from achieving great skincare results. The Foreo devices offer soft-touch buttons to control setting selection and intensity. For general care after washing your device in soapy water, be sure to use the Foreo Cleaning Spray to kill 99.9% of bacteria and microbes. This ensures your skin health is protected for many more cleansing sessions ahead.

Can I Use Foreo Bear Twice a Day?

The Foreo Bear is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an anti-ageing, wrinkle corrective solution. Clinically-proven microcurrents gently firm and tone the 69 facial and neck muscles to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin firmness. With as little as 2 minutes a day of consistent use, the skin appears brighter and more plumped with a healthy youthful radiance. The Foreo Bear is designed to be used daily however, some skin types may tolerate twice daily use. Be sure to follow the instructions for use carefully for best results.

Is Foreo Good?

Not only do Foreo devices boast supreme efficacy, but they are convenient and user-friendly for all skin types. To achieve best results simply follow the simple instructions and like all things, consistency is key. Regular users have praised their ability to improve skin texture, reduce blemishes, refine pores, plump fine lines and enhance their overall complexion clarity. With long rechargeable battery life, waterproof design and soft medical grade silicone, the Foreo device is your skin’s new best friend.

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