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Say hey to Vitamin K with Biologi’s NEW By Blackberry Seed Oil

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 12 Oct, 2022

Say hey to Vitamin K with Biologi’s NEW By Blackberry Seed Oil

Biologi, our most innovative clean cosmeceutical skincare brand, has just added a second oil to their product range, By Blackberry Seed Oil. This revolutionary nutritive lightweight face oil is ‘the” new face oil you didn’t realise you needed until now!

Biologi By

Why we love it

By Blackberry Seed Oil is a unique, one-of-a kind face oil that is rich in Vitamin K. Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting, wound repair, and overall wellness for our body, however, including vitamin K in skincare is relatively new, that’s why Biologi is excited to bring their latest offering to market that includes untouched Vitamin K as its hero nutrient, and by the way, it’s another Biologi world’s first.

By Blackberry Seed Oil is a nutritive lightweight textured oil that is easily accepted by the skin to assist and encourage a healthier, stronger, and glowing complexion due the Vitamin K and essential fatty acids content.

Biologi By Blackberry Seed Oil

Vitamin K is a great choice for all skin types and conditions because it aids in strengthening the skin overall and helps to prevent degradation of our dermal structures like collagen and elastin, whilst improving the skin barrier function by locking in moisture and increasing hydration.  Vitamin K is a known wound healer and encourages skin repair and assists in reducing redness.

By Blackberry Seed Oil is also high in essential fatty acids like Linoleic Acid and Alpha Linoleic Acids which are important in helping to stop trans-epidermal water loss to maintain your skin barrier. They are excellent to help regulate excess oil, so including them is also beneficial for an oily skin type or problematic skin condition. These essential fatty acids along with Palmitic, Stearic and Oleic fatty acids provide suppleness, skin support, and provide antioxidant protection to stop nutrient degradation.

Biologi By Blackberry Seed Oil

Biologi’s By Blackberry Seed Oil has been exclusively sourced from the woodland forests of Bulgaria and is wild harvested, cold pressed and unrefined. This is important when choosing an oil because wild harvesting is sustainable, whilst cold pressing ensures the potency and purity of the product, and this is evident with By being a rich dark green colour.

By Blackberry Seed Oil contains no preservatives and is recommended for all skin types and conditions that require a super nutritive, Vitamin K rich oil.  

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