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Why We're Obsessed With the Welleco Collagen Elixir

written by: Kristen - Beauty Editorpublished on 24 Apr, 2024

The Best Collagen Product

Collagen has always been a key topic of conversation in beauty, particularly for the sensational anti-ageing skin care benefits that it provides. After all, it's what keeps us looking and feeling 'youthful'. If you didn't know, collagen is a natural protein that lives pretty much everywhere throughout the body and it's what binds together our cartilage, bones, blood vessels and skin. Fun fact: experts at WelleCo state that collagen amazingly makes up three-quarters of our skin and one-third of the protein in our bodies. So clearly it’s a part of inner beauty we should be focusing on.

Collagen not only promises flourishing skin, healthy hair and stronger nails but it also has the ability to nurture gut and bone health. It can play a vital role in the support of healthy joints and the reduction of inflammation and discomfort within the body. It's kind of a big deal and unfortunately as we get older, our ability to produce collagen lessens. Fortunately, WelleCo is a brand that is at the forefront of giving us the option to turn to innovative and hype-worthy products that aid in regaining and maintaining our collagen levels.

Benefits of the Collagen Elixir

WelleCo has always been a leader in the collagen supplement arena and the strengths of the WelleCo Collagen Elixir really cements this. This supercharged beauty supplement encourages firm and supple skin, whilst adding shine and thickness to the hair. Additionally, it can even transform weak and brittle nails for stronger and healthier results. In a nutshell, this powerhouse ingestible has your inner and outer wellness at its core! Furthermore, it dishes out the extra collagen support that the body needs to look and feel its best.

The Collagen Elixir has been designed with a carefully researched blend of skin-nurturing ingredients. All of which aim to improve the look and feel of the skin and the general health and wellbeing of the body. Additionally, it also contains the highest dosage of sustainably sourced marine collagen peptides on the market! This blend enables comfort and flexibility in the joints and it also strives to repair and restore on a cellular level in order to diminish the visible signs of ageing that are a growing concern for all of us.


The Best Ingredients with Collagen

The potent ingredients handpicked for The Collagen Elixir are what makes this supplement so special! Each ingredient works in perfect harmony together. Here's a rundown of the key ingredients that make this a total winner. First up is Acerola and Beetroot, plant-based sources of vitamin C. This is further infused with antioxidants that will drive collagen and elastin production as well as support the immune system to help prevent free-radical damage, whilst fighting off bacteria and viruses. Beetroot is also high in amino acids and has significant anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. You will also find Hyaluronic Acid in this elixir, meaning it has the backing to boost hydration and create a beautiful glow. In addition, a blend of Digestive Enzymes allows flawless absorption and optimum gut health.

What targets the improvement of the hair, skin and nails is the enrichment of Silica. This is an ingredient that allows collagen to form and provides support to the connective tissue within the body. An ingredient that has a positive impact on the bones and organs too. With the infusion of so many well thought out ingredients and benefits, what's not to love? We are totally and utterly obsessed.

The Collagen Elixir can be enjoyed by anyone who is looking to improve the appearance and health of their skin, hair and nails. Moreover, those looking to improve the general wellbeing of their bodies. It can easily be incorporated into your everyday life and can be taken at any time of your choosing. It's the perfect supplement to sneak into your morning smoothie or even a glass of water at the end of a workout. And to boost your skin’s glow naturally, pair it with WelleCo The Super Skin Elixir as a match made in heaven.

The WelleCo Collagen Elixir is your easy go-to for a radiant, happy and healthy you.


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