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Looking to take your skincare to the next level? Introducing GESKE, the AI-fuelled skincare revolution for all skin types. Delivering professional skin care tools and beauty devices that actually help to transform the skin, this award-winning collection seamlessly integrates into your current skincare routine to elevate results at home. Voted Elle Magazine’s No.1 Beauty Innovation, this advanced device range has been developed in collaboration with Dermatologists and clinically tested to ensure superior efficacy and safety. GESKE is proudly vegan, reusable, vegan and cruelty-free with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly skincare solutions. Boasting science-backed technology and the Dermatest seal of approval, GESKE devices are smartphone compatible to help guide you through an AI driven and personalised skincare regimen for unrivaled complexion results.

How To Use a GESKE Device

Achieving flawless skin is possible with forward-thinking GESKE face tools & treatment devices technology. Each user-friendly cleansing, sonic cleansing and micro-current device helps to tone, purify and massage the skin to help keep pores clear, skin texture refined and the signs of ageing at bay. Designed to maximise comfort, these ergonomic German built beauty tools offer an impressive 15 year manufacturers warranty for your ultimate peace of mind so you can focus on your skin’s health at a holistic level. By using the App on your smartphone, the GESKE program conducts a personalised Skin Scan to highlight potential areas of your skin that could benefit from their technology. With 10 different skin goals for you to choose from, GESKE gets to know your skin on a deeper level. From this Skin Scan, a fully customised skincare routine is created to maximise results on your journey to optimal skin health. Simply follow the direction of use to reveal your healthiest and most luminous complexion yet.

Which GESKE Device Is Best?

Discover the vast selection of superior GESKE face tools and treatment devices to enhance skin care results at home. With customised programs and your specific goals in sight, GESKE offers anti aging skin care devices, purifying cleansing devices and microcurrent firming tools to help elevate your skincare goals. The GESKE Facial Brush is perfect for deep cleansing all skin types whilst the GESKE Sonic Thermo Facial Brush expertly warms the skin to open pores to purify and relieve the skin of congestion. Choose the GESKE Micro Current Face Lifter to help sculpt and redefine the facial contours through skin lifting and firming microcurrent activity. For concerns of visibly puffy or dull under eyes, the best device is the GESKE Warm & Cool Eye Energizer that offers soothing relaxation and muscle tension relief to leave this area looking refreshed. No matter your skin type or concern, there is a premium GESKE facial device to treat your skin at a higher level.

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