KAILO Complete Wellness Products

When seeking premium and nutrient-rich wellness supplements, look no further than KAILO nutrition - the Australian elevated wellness brand. KAILO delivers superior superblends that combine a powerhouse selection of ingredients including collagen, digestive enzymes, probiotics, super greens, vitamins and minerals to boost your daily energy, gut health and skin vitality. Each delicious powder dissolves effortlessly, to make a tasty ritual you’ll look forward to enjoying. By supporting healthy skin, digestive functions and optimal sleep quality, KAILO elevates your wellbeing through nutritionally sound natural remedies. To get started, we recommend trying the best-selling KAILO Feel Well in Peppermint, whilst their sleep product, KAILO Sleep Well, is renowned for inducing a restful and restorative slumber.

What is KAILO Nutrition?

Founded in Australia by Kath Merlo and Kristy Morris, born out of the iconic Calile Hotel in Brisbane, KAILO was created as a luxurious wellness brand. Grown from award-winning medispa roots, KAILO is crafted by a team of nutritionists and health professionals to help optimise your everyday wellbeing through nutritionally sound ingredients that support your body’s natural processes. By focusing on helping you feel and look your best, KAILO nutraceuticals target optimal skin health, digestive balance, sleep quality and strengthen immunity making these superblends the perfect addition to your daily routine. Think of KAILO as an extension of your skincare routine, working wonders on the inside to help you feel well, for impressive results on the outside.

KAILO Collagen Supplement

KAILO’s nutrient-dense collagen superblends combine the finest natural ingredients that are readily absorbed by the body to ensure maximum efficacy. This natural and holistic wellness supplement range incorporates collagen to support healthy bone, joint and skin functions whilst boosting immunity and digestive balance. KAILO collagen supplements not only taste great, but also boast an array of health and wellness benefits for the skin and body. Through nutritionally sound formulations, KAILO nutraceuticals expertly support your wellbeing journey by giving you the confidence to look and feel your best.

Shop KAILO Wellness Supplements Online

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The KAILO Sleep Well supplement sleep product combines collagen protein with calming herbs, Magnesium Glycinate and GABA to help induce a sense of rest, relaxation and calm to amplify sleep quality. To help improve overall wellness, reach for the KAILO Look Well that helps elevate immunity and digestion in addition to supporting healthy skin, hair and nails. And for a clean beauty supplement, be sure to enjoy the KAILO plant based collection including the KAILO Look Well Vanilla Chai and Mango options.

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