Activeskin Promotions & Discount Codes

Activeskin Promotions & Discount Codes

We’ve got the best in beauty deals ready for you! Enjoy great prices and promotions across best-selling brands including Dermalogica, asap, Alpha-H, and more. Explore our full list of promotions via the link below.


I have a promotion code, but how do I use it?

After selecting all the products you would like to purchase, view your Shopping Cart, enter the ‘Discount Code’ in the box provided and click ‘Apply’. Any applicable promotions or discounts under that code will then be applied to your order. Please make sure that you meet all the qualifying criteria i.e. minimum spend and validity. *Promotion Codes apply only to products and do not apply to any delivery charges. If your order falls below the Free Delivery Threshold then a nominal charge for Standard Delivery will be applicable.

There's no promotion code, how do I add a free gift to my order?

Most of our promotions at Activeskin do not require a promotion code, rather, add the items to your cart that qualify for the specified promotion you want to redeem and see your free gift auto-add to cart. If you have any difficulties feel free to connect with our Client Care Gurus via: Phone: 1300 784 661 (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm) Email:

Can I use two promotion codes on my order?

You are most welcome to use a Free Gift Promotion Code plus a Dollar Discount Promotion Code on your order, and here’s how… Once you are happy with your Shopping Cart and have met all Promotion Code criteria, enter the gift code in the DISCOUNT CODE box and select APPLY. Your Free Gift will appear in your Shopping Cart. Now enter your Dollar Discount Promotion Code in the same box and apply to see the discount appear to the right. Voila! *Please note, unfortunately only one Dollar Discount Promotion Code is redeemable on one transaction, but why not save one for your next order?