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Three Warriors

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On a mission to create a safe, healthy and pure alternative to traditional toxin-riddled fake tanning, Corbin Halliday pivoted from his own personal health crisis to develop the clean beauty tanning alternative, Three Warriors. This certified vegan and organic collection of fake tan and accessories has become an essential favourite amongst celebrities and home self-tanners alike, thanks to the natural golden colour paired with skin nourishing ingredients and superior wearability. This luxurious collection of Three Warriors Gradual Tan, Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse, Three Warriors Body Tan Aqua Mist and Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist have attracted countless industry awards including the Organic Beauty Award and Global Green Beauty Award in recognition of the superior cruelty-free and toxin free formulations. Furthermore, Three Warriors products are safe for use when pregnant thanks to their superior toxin-free and certified organic formulations. Drawing on sustainably sourced botanical ingredients from Tasmania, each product is enriched with skin replenishing native extracts that prolong a natural looking sun-kissed glow, minus the sun damage.

How to Use Three Warriors Tan

The best fake tan application starts with a smooth skin base. Start by exfoliating the skin with the Three Warriors Exfoliating Tasmanian Sand Scrub or Three Warriors Exfoliating Glove to buff away dead skin. Be sure to remove deodorant and perfume also and dry the skin well. Using the Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt, apply the Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse evenly ensuring all the skin is covered. Wear loose fitting clothing and allow 1-2 hours for a light tan or 5-8 hours for a darker tan before quickly rinsing the bronzer from the skin. The Three Warriors Gradual Tan can be applied to freshly exfoliated, and dried skin without rinsing as the naturally golden colour develops over 2 hours and can be topped up as desired.

How Long Does Three Warriors Tan Last?

The beauty of Three Warriors Gradual Tan is that it can be applied daily to top up your golden colour as desired, prolonging the life of your sunless glow. The Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse develops into a rich golden tan when allowed to develop for 5-8 hours. This nourishing tan colour can last up to 7 days. To prolong the life of your Self-Tan Mousse, it is recommended to top up colour with the Natural Gradual Tan as it fades. All Three Warriors tanning products contain 100% natural DHA along with nutrient-rich Australian botanicals to nourish the skin.

Three Warriors Gradual Tan VS Mousse

When choosing the best self tanning product for your skin, it is vital to understand the differences between the Three Warriors Natural Gradual Tan and the Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse. To achieve a rich, golden tan, select the Self-Tan Mousse and allow it to fully develop over 5-8 hours before showering. The included bronzer provides a visual guide enabling a flawless application using the Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt and Three Warriors Self-Tan Back Applicator for those hard to reach areas. This natural fake tan won’t stain clothes or sheets and the toxin-free vegan formula is soothing for even sensitive skin types. If you prefer a more subtle tan then reach for the Three Warriors Gradual Tan, as this allows you to control the colour intensity. Simply apply daily, every second day or weekly to achieve your desired tan intensity. The Gradual Tan can also be used to prolong the golden tan of the Mousse by topping up the tan colour as needed. The nourishing formula is enriched with coconut oil, hydrating chamomile, Tasmanian olive oil and soothing aloe vera to keep skin moisturised and soft.

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