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A Beginners Guide To Self Pleasure

written by: Kristen - Beauty Editorpublished on 12 Oct, 2023

The Pleasure Is All Ours

Self-pleasure is much more common than you think, and with more than 50% of women using vibrators globally, the sexual wellness industry isn’t slowing down any time soon. If that weren’t enough to convince us that self-pleasure is alive and kicking, two-thirds of the women who don’t currently explore self-pleasure are interested in trying it. It’s also important to note that the stigma behind masturbation is seriously fading and is something that should be encouraged as a way of expressing self-love and body positivity. To solidify this approach, 94% of women view other women who own vibrators and practice self-pleasure in a positive light. Women like to masturbate, big deal! It’s a beautiful thing that we should be embracing. We’re here to say… YOU GO GIRL!


Not only does self-pleasure feel good, but it also has a number of benefits for our overall well being. Masturbation releases endorphins that influence mental wellbeing and therefore, can help improve our mood and reduce stress. In addition, it can also help promote positive body image and thus enhance our self-esteem. We can’t also forget about the skin benefits from having a Big-O! It’s scientifically proven that orgasms lead to glowy and vibrant skin for up to 48 hours post-orgasm. We could all add that to our beauty regimen!


Exploring your own sexual wellbeing is something we totally and utterly encourage. Furthermore, we get that as a beginner the thought can be rather daunting. Where do you start and how? Let’s walk through a few things to start the beautiful journey of self-pleasure. Because nobody knows your body better than you do.

Take It Easy

Self-pleasure is super unique to you and there’s really no right or wrong way of ‘doing’ it. If you don’t climax on your first go, then so what?! Enjoy getting a feel for the areas that make you tick and enjoy the ride. No pressure here. To ease into it, reach for a good quality waterbased lubricant like the VUSH Feelin' Myself Intimate Gel and start exploring. You're body is beautiful and created to be enjoyed.

Figure Out What Feels Good and Learn How to Orgasm

The beauty of self-pleasure is that it gives us the opportunity to figure out what feels good... and we mean, what feels really good. Self-pleasure can be one of the most fulfilling things that we can do for ourselves as females and it can enable us to truly explore our sexual desires. So make sure that you take the time to truly get in touch with what turns you on. Think of your self-pleasure simply as self-learning. Play with different sensations to work out what makes your toes curl (in a good way). The best-selling VUSH Empress 2 is the perfect get-to-know-you-better device that is super easy to use and knows all the right spots to make you feel great. Discovering which buttons to press downstairs is all part of the fun, and the orgasms are guaranteed to follow.

Experiment at Different Times of the Day

Try doing it in the morning or in the evening. Hey, if you’re working from home why not try it on your lunch break? Going back to having a sense of fulfillment, self-pleasure in the AM really has the power to set you up for the day. Equally, candlelit evening sessions can relieve a day of stress and make a dreamy way to end them. Explore having ‘you time’ at different points in your schedule to outline when you’re getting the most out of your self-pleasure.

Carve Out Some Alone Time and Embrace the Moment

Put the same amount of time and energy into your self-pleasure as you would for a night on the town. Pour a glass of wine, put on some tunes and give yourself an evening of pampering to make it a real treat for you, and only you, to enjoy. Interruptions can be a buzzkill, so make sure you’ve got time on your hands and zero distractions.

Pick the Perfect Companion

There are so many different toys, devices and gadgets out there that can make finding your go-to vibrator a little overwhelming. Particularly if you’re new to the wonderful world of self-pleasure. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and even distinct textures. There’s a fine line between our wants and needs when it comes to personal massagers. Some of us may want a small and powerful vibrator while others might be looking for something larger but not as mighty. Luckily, VUSH have us covered. Fun and discreet, designed in conversation with real women, this tasteful range brings a lighthearted playfulness to self-pleasure with products created to empower our sexual exploration. Our bodies should be celebrated, and VUSH delivers the sexual wellness toys to make that happen.


The 5 Best Self-Pleasure Devices To Try

Not sure where to start? Follow our top 5 self-pleasure toy guide to help point you towards your next big-O!

1. VUSH Gloss Bullet Vibrator
Perfect for those dipping a toe into the self-love space, this whisper quiet and uber discreet device offers 10 settings alongside a petite design perfect for tucking into your handbag.
2. VUSH Empress 2
With 8 pleasure modes and 5 intensity levels to play with, this clitoral stimulator perfectly mimics the flutter of a tongue and can be adjusted with suction to just how you like it.
3. VUSH Swish Dual Tip Vibrator
This device helps you embrace self discovery with excitement by giving you a discreet and dual tipped toy that can help stimulate the nipples and downstairs too.
4. VUSH Muse Rabbit Vibrator
Channelling a more classic rabbit shape toy, this next generation vibe gives you the choice of 8 pleasure settings with 5 intensity levels to really help you get there.
5. VUSH Myth Internal G-Spot Vibrator
With 25 mix & match pleasure settings, this internal and external vibe allows you to customise your self discovery and play the way you really want to.

For the most part, starting your self-pleasure journey is all about taking the edge off and not putting pressure on yourself. Treat it in the same way as your other self-love activities and you’re good to go. Oh and don’t forget to find a vibrator that will put a smile on your face. That part is pretty crucial too :)