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For those of you who aren’t familiar with a concentrate…

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 10 Nov, 2022

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a concentrate…

Retreatment Botanics have added a NEW product to their range, and our team has seen amazing results from using it over the past few weeks! We are so excited to introduce you to the new Ageless AHA Glow Concentrate!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a concentrate…

If you aren’t familiar with concentrates, think of a toner… but SO much more! A concentrate is formulated with an abundance of highly active, hydrating ingredients to target multiple skin concerns and deliver age-defying, transformative results to the skin. PLUS, it has the added benefit of prepping your skin so that your skincare is better absorbed and more effective.


Some of the amazing benefits that you can expect:

It only took a few days of using this concentrate morning and evening for our team to notice results, overall our skin had a luscious dewy look, our pores weren’t as noticeable and for those of us who had teeny ‘bumps’ under the skin saw these disappear! This AHA Concentrate is formulated to deliver a broad range of benefits to the skin:

  • Keeps your complexion clear
  • Resurfaces skin texture & tone
  • Visibly minimises the size of pores
  • Exfoliates & clears clogged pores
  • Speeds up your skin cell turnover to bring the fresh, youthful skin to the surface
  • Intensely hydrates & illuminates
  • Minimises the appearance of dark spots
  • Boosts efficacy of serums and masques

Plus, the Ageless AHA Glow Concentrate features a unique Pre/Probiotic Complex that balances & restores your skin's microbiome, while building up the skin's natural defence for everyday protection against skin aggressors.


Exciting new active ingredients are featured in it too:

Retreatment Botanics LOVE levelling up their skincare with Australian native extracts, so when formulating this new product they combined an abundance of active extracts with the powerful Lactic Acid and Niacinamide. 

Lactic Acid - A gentle exfoliant that ploughs away dead surface of skin while also drawing moisture to the skin. Lactic Acid dissolves the debris that clogs pores, minimises dark spots & wrinkles and increases skin cell turnover.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - A form of Vitamin B3 that acts as a natural barrier to protect the skin’s natural barrier, maintains moisture levels to prevent skin breakdown and balances oily skin. Minimises the appearance of pores and resurfaces the skin texture to leave it smoother and more even.

Tasmanian Blue Gum - Boosts skin hydration, visibly diminishes wrinkles, and targets damage caused by UV exposure.

Native River Mint - Fights free radicals, targets fine lines & wrinkles to reveal younger-looking skin and brightens the complexion.

Why does the concentrate have a colour?

The lush iridescent aqua colour of our Ageless AHA Glow Concentrate is from the Tasmanian Blue Gum and Native River Mint extracts. 


Which skin types is it suitable for?

This AHA concentrate is for all skin types! All Retreatment Botanics products are formulated with sensitive skin types in mind and for this concentrate they’ve balanced the AHAs with other super-hydrating ingredients to ensure it’s gentle enough on the skin and doesn’t compromise the skin’s natural barrier. 


As sensitive skin can vary a lot from person to person, we do recommend doing a patch test before use.

Blog Credit: Retreatment Botanics