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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 22 Dec, 2022

Take this as your sign to clean those dirty brushes!

It’s party season, the makeup brushes are working overtime, and our skin doesn’t want those dirty, bacteria-filled brushes gliding across it!

Just think, your day and night skincare routine keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy, so don’t ruin that with dirty brushes…trust us, dirty brushes are one of the main causes for unwanted pimples.

We’ve put together a simple guide to cleaning your brushes and a checklist that you should follow throughout 2023. We’re all guilty of not washing our brushes enough, so let’s make this year the year of forever clean brushes!


  • Brush Cleaner Product
  • Cleansing Pad 
  • Water
  • A reminder to clean your brushes weekly
  • A towel

Product Must-Haves:

Napoleon Perdis Pro Cleanse Solid Brush Soap 100g

This is an essential…if you don’t already have it, then you need it! Simply dampen your brush using lukewarm water, and apply to the soap bar section. Swirl the brush around and make sure it’s lathered. Next is the satisfying part. It’s time for the Cleansing Pad! 

Swirl the brush into the grooves of the pad and watch that built up product ooze off the brush. Rinse the brush in lukewarm water and repeat 4-5 times until clean. Once done, use a towel to squeeze out any water in your brush and then lay it flat and wait for it to dry. 


Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner 118ml

This quick-drying cleanser is perfect for all makeup brush types, including synthetic and brushes with natural hair. We recommend spritzing the product onto a towel three times and then brushing your makeup brushes back and forth to remove the dirt and bacteria. This is perfect for use in between makeovers.


Napoleon Perdis Instant Clean Brush Cleaner 250ml

This is another option to use in between makeovers to keep on top of your brush maintenance. We recommend using the Instant Clean Brush regularly, so that when it comes to the deep clean it won’t take as long to remove the old makeup!

Simply spray onto a tissue or towel and wipe the brushes across it to remove the dirt. Leave them to dry for a minute before using them again, it’s so quick and easy to do. 

Top Tip: Clean your brushes with shampoo and conditioner once a week if you use them often, as this will ensure all dirt is removed. This is where we recommend using the Napoleon Perdis ProCleanse Solid Brush Soap! 


Okay, so you now know what to use, when to use and how to use the products…so it’s easy from here. Time to say goodbye to dirty brushes and hello to sparkling, clean brushes!