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How To Effectively Care For Your Skin

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 14 Aug, 2023

5 Tips For Nurturing Sensitive Skin

Throughout different seasons, hormonal changes and life changes, your skin may become a little sensitive at times. While it’s tempting to ignore the sensitivity and hope it heals itself, you could be making it worse in the long run. Sometimes making changes to lifestyle choices & skincare products can help nurture your skin back to its healthy, former version… Here’s how:

Tip One: Do Your Research

Before choosing your skincare, do the research to ensure it’s supportive of your skin health. Does it nurture the skin’s natural health barrier? Was it designed with sensitive skin in mind? Does it help to rebuild your skin’s protective layer? These are just some of the questions Retreatment Botanics advise you to ask when researching skincare.

Tip Two: Choose Gentle & Effective Over Effective

Two skincare products can be effective, but both skincare products may not be gentle on your skin! Avoid irritating skincare products that have harsh chemicals such as retinoids, and strong hydroxy acids. These products will aggravate your compromised skin barrier function. 

If you are looking to firm and clarify your skin without the use of intense acids and peels, we recommend using Instant Glow Face Masque once a week. This hydrating masque contains gentle fruit acids and Papaya enzymes to renew and brighten the skin while delivering nutrients to help restore and soothe the skin barrier. 

Tip Three: Check Your Exfoliant Granules

Some exfoliants contain harsh, abrasive granules (often with jagged edges). In theory, they are more effective at sloughing away the dead skin, in reality, they also strip your skin’s natural barrier & can cause micro-tears in the skin. Refining Face Polish is a super gentle exfoliator and contains only soft rounded granules made from Jojoba beads. These soft granules work alongside AHA rich Lilly Pilly extracts to dissolve the dull surface build up.

Tip Four: Protect Your Skin Daily

Protect your skin from extreme weather conditions with a rich moisturiser and SPF. Overexposure to UV will cause dehydration and compromise your skin’s protective barrier, while wind, dry heat and dry cold weather will strip your skin of moisture. 

Tip Five: Maintain A Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Reduce or avoid foods that are processed, fried or high in refined sugars as they can have an inflammatory effect in the body. Drink plenty of fluids (supplement with caffeine-free herbal teas in the colder weather!) and eat fresh, nourishing and colourful whole foods including water-rich leafy greens, celery and cucumber.