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4 Mason Pearson Hair Brush Alternatives Worth Trying

written by: Kristen - Beauty Editorpublished on 24 Aug, 2023

Are Mason Pearson Brushes Worth It?

Hairdressers love them, and people pass them down the family tree like a precious heirloom! Mason Pearson truly is the crème de la crème hair brush brand thanks to the 100% boar Mason Pearson Pure Bristle, Mason Pearson Nylon in addition to Mason Pearson Nylon & Bristle combination bristle brushes that feature in the signature orange cushioned brush base. This allows flexible styling to massage and stimulate the scalp as your hair is expertly smoothed and tamed. With over 130 years of premium hand-crafted quality behind each brush and an impressive 18-step manufacturing process, Mason Pearson sure does set the good-hair-day bar high.

What Is A Good Mason Pearson Brush Alternative?

If your dream Mason Pearson hair brush is just out of reach for now, don’t be dismayed, as we’ve rounded up the best Mason Pearson brush alternatives. A good Mason Pearson dupe will boast the same hair taming benefits whilst promoting healthy hair growth. 


  • Evenly distribute natural hair oils
  • Decrease hair breakage
  • Stimulate the scalp
  • Enhance shine
  • Detangle
  • Smooth
  • Take frizz
  • Help combat static

Read on to discover the top hair brush alternatives to help expertly manage your curly, thick, straight or fine hair.

1. Love the Mason Pearson BN1 Popular Boar Bristle & Nylon Hairbrush?

Try the Denman D81L Natural Bristle Nylon Quill Large Black Brush.

Ideal for normal, curly and even long hair, this combination of natural bristles for gentle care with nylon bristles instantly adds control, making this a versatile daily hair brush you hair will enjoy. Did we mention the flexible rubber cushioned base enables a gentle scalp massage? That’s right, this is a perfect brush if you are wanting to help promote healthy hair growth.

2. Love the Mason Pearson B3 Handy Boar Bristle Hairbrush?

Try the Denman D82M Medium Cushion Natural Bristle Brush.

When you need a hair brush that adds shine, conditions your hair and polishes your look then this is your go-to. The all natural bristles are super gentle on each strand of hair as it distributes natural oils and massages the scalp. The lightweight and comfortable ergonomic handle feels balanced as you brush for greater control brushing out curls or creating an upstyle with ease.

3. Love the Mason Pearson N4 Pocket Nylon Hairbrush?

Try the Denman D4 Classic Large Styler 9 Row Pearl White Pin Brush.

The master of thick and stronger hair, this nylon bristle brush makes tangles a thing of the past and being gentle is the name of the game. Ideal for taming and styling all hair lengths, particularly mid to long hair, this hair brush is sure to be a keeper.

4. Love the Mason Pearson BN3 Handy Boar Bristle & Nylon Hairbrush?

Try the Denman D81M Natural Bristle Nylon Quill Medium Black Brush.

Fight the frizz and create truly polished hairstyles with this combination of nylon and natural bristles hair brush. It makes light work of daily hair brushing by detangling with ease and increasing healthy shine for straight to curly hair. The sturdy grip of the polished handle delivers greater control with enhanced manageability across all lengths.

We love Mason Pearson hairbrushes and know their exceptional quality is well worth the investment. However, for those seeking a more accessible price point, we feel these could be the next best brushes. So there you have it, the very best alternatives to a dreamy Mason Pearson brush to help you tame, smooth and add shine to your hair.