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Science-Backed Supplements For Females

written by: Kristen - Beauty Editorpublished on 11 May, 2023

What Is Women's Health?

Vida Glow Women’s Health is a new range of wellness supplements scientifically formulated based on the unique physiological needs of females, at doses that make a difference to your  health. 

Female health is under-researched, and women are underserved when it comes to supplements that have been formulated specifically for their bodies. Recognising this, Vida Glow shifts the focus back onto Women’s Health, with a range of four supplements specifically designed to revolutionise female health and wellbeing from the inside out.

The Best Supplements for Women's Health:

- Vida Glow Gut Pro Supplements

- Vida Glow De-Stress Supplements

- Vida Glow Prenatal+ Supplements

- Vida Glow Multi 360 Supplements

Read on to discover which supplement is right for you!

Vida Glow Gut Pro Supplements

Gut Pro is a once-daily powerful multi-strain probiotic with clinically studied actives that restore gut flora and maintain feminine intimate health. Take this vegan-friendly supplement to relieve symptoms of bloating and to support a happy, healthy belly.

Who Is Gut Pro For?

Gut Pro is for females looking to relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and bloating, while supporting digestion and healthy vaginal pH.

Now for the bit you're most interested in...the benefits.

What Will Gut Pro Do For Me?

- Nourishes both the gut and vaginal microbiome in one daily capsule

- Promotes healthy digestion and relieves bloating

- Short-term benefits from the gentian and ginger that deliver acute effects

- Probiotics help restore good gut flora for long-term benefit


Vida Glow De-Stress Supplements

Vida Glow De-Stress is a delicious cranberry-flavoured chewable liquid burstlet that relieves symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. Packed with antioxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin B5, these daily supplements go a long way to helping you feel calm and relaxed.

Who Is De-Stress For?

This is the perfect capsule for you if you're looking to address immediate stress in the moment, and help to moderate your body's physiological response to stress long-term. Stress is a part of daily life, but it's something you can alleviate with the right combination of techniques and supplements.

The Benefits

- 47.9% reduction in stress related concentration after 12 weeks

- 41.2% reduction in stress related sleep issues after 12 weeks

- 39% reduction of anxiety in just 6 weeks and 63% reduction after 12 weeks

- 59% reduction in stress related tension after 12 weeks

De-Stress contains incredible active ingredients such as Serenzo, Vitamin C and Vitamin B5, which together have proven clinical studies that shows the reduction in symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. Vitamin B5 is a crucial vitamin for healthy moods and the regulations of cortisol release from the adrenal glands, which supports a healthy stress response.


Vida Glow Prenatal+ Supplements

Prenatal+ is a once-daily advanced 2-in-1 prenatal supplement to support preconception, pregnancy and also provides morning sickness relief. Its all-in-one approach helps support ideal wellbeing for conception planning and pregnancy alike.

Who Is Prenatal+ For?

This capsule contains 21 key ingredients, including folate, iodine, iron, Vitamin D, DHA and Vitamins B6 & B12, which are formulated to prepare the body for pregnancy and assist in your baby's growth and development. Therefore, this capsule is suitable for mothers-to-be as well as those trying to conceive. As an added bonus, this advanced formulation contains low-constipation iron to best support energy levels for active mums-to-be.

Key Benefits:

- Supports healthy foetal development

- Supports a healthy pregnancy

- Supports healthy thyroid hormone production and gland function

- Folate to help prevent neural tube defects

- Vitamin B6 helps relieve morning sickness


As with all wellness and supplement products, it is recommended to use the beneficial power of these in combination with a well balanced diet. Be sure to seek professional medical advice should you have any pre-existing health concerns, and always follow the directions for use carefully for best results.