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Sodashi, A Pioneer of Clean Beauty

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 11 Nov, 2022

Sodashi, A Pioneer of Clean Beauty 

Founded by Megan Larsen in the1990s, Sodashi has been a pioneer in the clean beauty segment since 2000, with its vegan and cruelty-free skincare range. Australian born and hand-crafted in Western Australia using pure botanical ingredients, this is going to be a brand you’re going to NEED to try!

“Unique, powerful formulas that nourish the skin on every level for healthy, and radiant skin”

Sodashi Skincare

Sodashi is a Sanskrit word, meaning wholeness, purity and radiance, which reflects the values behind Sodashi’s products. 


 To nourish the skin’s needs on every level.


Sodashi commits to blending the purest, unadulterated natural ingredients with love and intention.


Aim to deliver beautiful, radiant skin for everyone

Sodashi Skincare
Get to Know The Ingredients

When it comes to clean beauty, we love to understand and explore the various ingredients blended to create such pure and luxurious products. Sodashi have an artisanal approach to creating and crafting its products, using the purest botanical extracts from Western Australia. 

Cold Pressed Botanical Oils

Coldpressed botanical oils are used to formulate the products, which helps to preserve the nutrients and enzymes found within these natural oils. This ensures the end result captures the maximum nutritional value for the treatments. 


Step into France with the Sodashi Clay products!

Sodashi have a broad range of masks and cleansers  formulated using clays, which have been extracted from the South of France and Australia. 

How you may be wondering?

The clay is carefully sun-dried to preserve the beautiful and beneficial minerals.

Sodashi Skincare

We’ve explored the Sodashi range of products, and to help you out we’ve put together our must-have Sodashi products. 

The Activeskin Team’s Sodashi Top Picks

1. Calming Rose Face Mist 

2. Nourishing Repair Treatment

3. Plant Essence Replenish Mask 

4. Eye Lifting Gel

5. Fitness Recovery Body Oil

6. Clay Cleanser with Lavender 

7. Enzyme Face Polish