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The Best Lip Liners for Overlining Your Lips

written by: Kristen - Beauty Editorpublished on 25 Jan, 2024

Your Guide to the Best Lip Liners to Create Fuller Looking Lips

To help you create the best overlined lip look, we've gathered a list of the best lip liners for overlining your lips that we could find.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that lip liners were relegated to the bottom of the makeup bag. For a while now, liner-free lipsticks have been the trend. But lip liners have made an impactful comeback and maybe not in the way you expected.

Lip liners are not just for outlining the lips. In fact, one really gorgeous look is using your liner to fill in your lips with smooth, matte colour and then topping it off with a glossy lip balm for some shimmer and shine. But another idea that's returning in a big way is the use of lip liners to overline your lips.

Overlining is when you trace just around the outside border of your lips, to give them a fuller, more dramatic pout. It creates a luscious look, and it's something that you can only do well with a quality lip liner. To help you create the best overlined lip look, we've gathered a list of the best lip liners for overlining your lips that we could find.

Youngblood Lip Liner Pencil

This lip liner works equally well to fill your lips with colour or to define the edge of your lip. Youngblood Lip Liner Pencil gives you 6 perfect shades to shape and enhance the border line of your lip and accentuate the colour you apply. If you fill in your lips, Youngblood Hydrating Liquid Lip Creme offers a natural shimmer or Youngblood Mineral Creme Lipsticks to blend and add depth to your colour. Plus, all Youngblood Cosmetics are nice and natural, free from nasties.

If you’re using this as a lip liner, it works best if you draw the curve with short, small strokes that will avoid a hard, unnatural line. You can give your lips the full, clean pout that you want, with endless colour blending and finish possibilities. Our fave versatile nude hue is Pout.


Napoleon Perdis Taking Shape Lip Liner

This Napoleon Perdis lip liner will get you smiling for more than just its great name. Napoleon Perdis Taking Shape Lip Liner is an ultra-creamy wind-up pencil that was created for those who want an easy application of great colour. It boasts a full line of 20 colours that give you ultimate creative control over the line and look of your lips, and comes with zero need to fish around your makeup bag for a sharpener!

This lip pencil will blend perfectly with your natural skin colour, penning in the lip colour where it belongs. This liner feels great, lasts a long time, and looks amazing when paired with the glossy gorgeousness of a Napoleon Perdis Luminous Lip Veil.


Jane Iredale Lip Pencil Crayon

Lip liner should do more than just make your lips look fantastic; it should pamper your pout. Jane Iredale Lip Pencil Crayon does exactly this with a dedicated formula that includes conditioning oils and waxes coloured with all natural protective pigments. Even better, it doesn’t contain any FD&C dyes, so it can be used anywhere on the face, making it perfectly interchangeable between the eyes as eye makeup and the lips.

Because it goes on softly, it is perfect for blending, or layering with a glowy lip gloss (hello Jane Iredale HydroPure Hyaluronic Lip Gloss!) for the latest look. Jane Iredale also offers a precision Jane Iredale Pencil Sharpener that won't damage the pencil like a regular pencil sharpener will. Give our best-selling Spice a go for the ultimate nude lip effect.


Inika Organic Lip Crayon

Looking good is great, but if your lips can feel better because of lip liner, wouldn't that be fantastic? This Inika Organic pencil (well, crayon) creates soft, supple lips with this nourishing lip liner. It gives you that natural looking definition while it moisturises, using certified organic Coconut oil in hand with lip conditioning Vitamin E. 

And being on the chubby side is a big plus, especially in lip pencils! This Inika Organic Lip Crayon makes light work of lining and filling the lip area with sultry colour for longer lasting durability for your pout’s shade.


ModelCo Illusion Lip Liner

Quite possibly the ultimate lip liner for overlining the lips, introducing the ModelCo Illusion Lip Liner. What makes this the best lip liner Australia can’t get enough of is its long-wearing nature paired perfectly with a precision tip to define like a MUA. Furthermore, the oh-so flattering universally flattering shade is rich in pigment yet glides effortlessly onto the lips.

This liner won't feather, and the pencil never requires sharpening. In addition, you’ll never suffer your lipstick bleeding or smudging again as this creamy formula creates the perfect barrier for lipstick to play within. For the perfect finish, swipe over a lick of ModelCo Lip Plumper Hydra Lip Therapy to amplify the lips with fullness and hydration.


Raww Coconut Kiss Lip Pencil

If you're planning on using your lip liner in the most up-to-date way, you want lots of colour pay-off. Raww Coconut Kiss Lip Pencil in Plum Pop is just the trick to give you a high impact block colour for your lips. It’s long wearing and has a definitive matte finish.

The formula is super creamy thanks to the all-natural and certified organic ingredients that helps keep lips hydrated and comfortable all day long. For the most natural looking finish, you simply cannot go wrong with this lip liner.


Lucky Lips

No matter what your lip situation, there's a perfect lip pencil or lip liner out there for you. Whether you use it to keep lipstick colour in its place, blend flawlessly over the whole lip for a matte, natural look, or colour block under shimmery lip gloss, these liners deserve to find their way back to the top of the makeup bag.