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The Importance of the Skin Barrier

written by: Maddie - Beauty Editorpublished on 9 Aug, 2022

What you need to know about your skin barrier and sensitised skin

The topic of skin barrier function has been getting some hype recently and for good reason. It’s vital to a glowing healthy complexion and responsible for keeping our skin protected from the bad stuff, like bacteria, toxins, and environmental pollutants, whilst retaining and regulating water to keep us hydrated.  A compromised barrier or sensitised skin has “small cracks” in the bricks and mortar foundation of our epidermis, which allows microorganisms to penetrate causing an inflammatory response. This results in an irritated, red, flaky, dehydrated, and itchy skin. 

As a skin condition, sensitised or barrier compromised skin can occur anywhere and anytime, and the first step in building and strengthening your barrier is to identify the culprit or trigger. This variation in your skin is conditional with your environment, what you use and put on your skin and can be subject to any change in your health like illness or medication.

We recommend simplifying your regime by putting a hold on any products in your bathroom cabinet that could further irritate and sensitise your skin, like hydroxy acids, retinols, and scrubs and avoid foamy/gel cleansers that contain artificial surfactants. 

Adopt a minimalistic regime and make the switch from using a host of products with potential allergens like artificial fragrance, colours, and synthetic fillers to key skincare products that contain vital skin repairing and hydrating ingredients to encourage your barrier to become stronger and healthier. 

Biologi is a great choice when you want to simplify your regime because their range of clean cosmeceuticals have been developed from over 12 years of research and development into plant phyto-actives and how they work on the skin to repair, protect, and nourish it without the use of synthetics.

As a clean alternative, try Biologi’s Bc Refresh Cleanser, a world’s first serum cleanser that uses the unique phyto-actives from the Soapberry Plant Extract to gently cleanse without stripping the delicate barrier of the skin while adding extra hydration, which is perfect for a sensitised skin condition.

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Introduce Biologi’s Bf Restore Face & Body Serum which is customer proven to assist and help in repairing an impaired barrier due to the restoring and hydrating pure plant phyto-actives of Tryptophan, Ferulic Acid and Vitamin C. This award winning, and one of Biologi’s most popular serums, can be used on the face and body making it a simple, ingredient “clean” and easy choice for all skins.

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