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Welcome to the Advanced Nutrition Programme

written by: Lauren - Digital Marketingpublished on 2 Apr, 2024

Blog Credit: Advanced Nutrition Programme

Advanced Nutrition Programme began in a state-of-the-art Skin Research Centre in London, with a cross-functional team of nutritional, medical, and skin experts. Using industry-leading skin analysis equipment and meticulous testing, they developed a range of supplements—and not just any supplements. They were iconic, multi-award-winning, evidence-based skin supplements. There is extensive research identifying a unique connection between our gut and our skin and how skin conditions can be a reflection of underlying imbalance. Imagine if you could influence your skin cells from their very moment of inception, weeks before they appeared on the surface. This is the concept of holistic skincare—recognising your skin as a two-sided organ that you can fortify with topicals and feed from within. Advanced Nutrition Programme features a range of highly specialised smart supplements, all designed to treat specific skin concerns—a concept that readily elevates them from the many competitors offering one-size-fits-all hair, skin and nail supplements. Advanced Nutrition Programme’s relentless focus on efficacy and quality has secured them international acclaim. Available in over 20 countries via an exclusive network of skincare professionals, their dedication to world-class practices are demonstrated through these four key pillars:


Using ingredients that have been independently researched to be highly absorbable, digestible, and efficacious, each formula is validated by clinical trials to see and prove skin health benefits. Facilities are certified to pharmaceutical standards, with a sophisticated climate-controlled packing plant. Every stage of production is thoughtfully executed, far exceeding existing global standards.


Supplements go through a rigorous pharmaceutical-style approach, being triple-tested before, during, and after production. Ingredients are scrupulously checked and screened for contaminants, heavy metals, and pathogens, with over 400 tests per batch. To boot, the team commits to the best quality and authentic sourcing of ingredients. (For example, Skin Omega’s+ use Omega 3’s that are ‘Friend of the Sea’ certified, meaning that it exceeds global purity standards (plus conserves marine habitats and resources). The ability for a company to transparently be able to share the naturally sustainable origins of every ingredient speaks volumes for quality and efficacy.


Advanced Nutrition Programme produces supplements that work in effective, safe and legal doses that deliver results. All supplements are backed by evidence-based research, with ongoing case studies and testing that analyse the effectiveness of each product on skin integrity.


Many supplements on the market list the level of active ingredients that are present at the time of manufacture. Advanced Nutrition Programme can guarantee that the level of actives stated on the box is what is guaranteed through until the expiry date on your product. This is thanks to strict manufacture and temperature control at every point of the process, including the refrigerated shipping containers that bring these products from the UK to our shores. This alone is a big differentiator between ANP products and other supplements on the market.

Quality, research and proven results are key criteria to assess when shopping for ingestibles. If you are smart supplement curious, there is no better place to start than with the Advanced Nutrition Programme. Check out the full range and prepare for a different skin (from scalp to soles).