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Vacation Vibes Sexual Wellness Products

It’s time to allow beauty to cross over with sexual wellness, a vision of the three female founders behind the must-have brand Vacation Vibes. This clever entrepreneurial trio has created and delivered fun, easy to enjoy and confidence building sexual wellness toys and devices to elevate pleasure for solo and couples time. Drawing inspiration on those holiday-getaway vibes that have you feeling relaxed away from your everyday routine, Vacation Vibes respectfully empowers women to explore multiple sensual zones of the body to become more comfortable in your own skin. It’s the ultimate escapism that comes home with you well after the vacation has ended. Sexual wellness holds a key role in your overall well being - “Wellness & Beauty have had a long history together and the emergence of pleasure as part of this total wellness picture is a necessary and natural evolution of the health narrative"

Julia Marget Co-Founder

Which Vibrator Is Best?

It’s time to get to know yourself a little better, and we have just the right devices to ensure your pleasure is a priority. Opening up the dialogue surrounding sexual wellness and your own identity is a vital step to make vibrators a little less taboo. Vacation Vibes respectfully allows you to feel more freedom sexually thanks to their discreet bedside devices for internal and external stimulation. The best-selling Vacation  Vibes The Amalfi delivers 5-speeds for internal and external fun. To mimic the sensation of oral stimulation, reach for Vacation Vibes The Byron whilst the Vacation Vibes The Palm Springs is more of your classic “rabbit” style vibrator that boasts 10-speeds for a broad range of pleasure options. Why not read more about the best Vacation Vibes devices to suit your personality and pleasure preferences here.

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Spanning beyond self-love devices and toys to enhance couples intimacy, Vacation Vibes elevates the mood and encourages playful exploration. Designed for easy use and your ultimate pleasure, Vacation Vibes devices are discreet yet wonderfully shameless to help you elevate your state of pleasure. The Vacation Vibes The Aspen is even endorsed by a women’s health Physiotherapist, Chloe Lorback, and is recommended for pelvic floor muscle strengthening in addition to pre-birth perineal massage. With free delivery over $50 and same day dispatch for in stock items, Activeskin is the best online destination to shop sexual wellness products from Vacation Vibes. Delivered straight to your door, our fast delivery helps get you on your way to spend a little more “me time”.  

Vacation Vibes Benefits

Developed to change the way we speak of and view sexual wellness, Vacation Vibes embraces fun to break down backward thinking surrounding self-pleasure. Boasting body-safe silicone, convenient USB charging, water-resistant durability and sleek designs, these pleasure toys offer customisable vibrations and intensities via various speed settings. Enjoy up to an hour of fun before recharging, the Vacation Vibes lineup is whisper quiet and bedside-friendly whilst the included travel bag allows you to keep the good vibes going at home and away. With use, endorphins or those “feel good” happy hormones are released which further elevates your sense of wellbeing. So allow Vacation Vibes to replicate those feel good vibes of exotic destinations afar as you take your body and mind on a sensation-filled journey of self-love.

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